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Offenes Training der Schwanengarde
Ereignis vom 25. Feb 2019, 20:00 bis zum 25. Feb 2019, 22:01
Autor: Alynia Antworten: 0

Offenes Kampfraining für alle Interessierten und Zuschauer:

Im 2-wöchentlchen Turnus

Location ist in Sturmwind und naher Umgebung (wie Elwynnwald) und wird jedesmal am Trainingsabend bekanntgegeben
Mi 20 Feb 2019
Do 21 Feb 2019
Fr 22 Feb 2019
Sa 23 Feb 2019
So 24 Feb 2019
Mo 25 Feb 2019
Thema Offenes Trainin...
Di 26 Feb 2019
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Chroniken Vol. 2 [SPOILER]
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Titel: Chroniken Vol. 2 [SPOILER] Verfasst am: 15. März 2017, 21:25 Beitrag  Diese Nachricht und die Folgenden als ungelesen markieren Antworten mit Zitat


der zweite Teil der World of Warcraft Chroniken kommt bald raus, in US und A gab es wohl ein Missgeschick bei der Versendelogistik. Es sind wohl einige exemplare vorm eigentlichen Release an die Käufer gesandt worden, ergo die ersten Kernfakten waren im Internet noch bevor das Buch offiziell erhältlich war.

Ich werds mir dennoch auf deutsch kaufen.



Part 1: Breakers vs. Primals

• Draenor/Dawgar/Rakshar – no world soul, but plenty of Spirit
• Elements lived in relative balance
• Abundance of Spirit gave rise to untamed life, notably plant life
• Massive plant life forms known as Sporemounds roamed Draenor
• Sporemounds provoked plant life, forest, jungles, swamps
• Roots penetrated into the earth to absorb Spirit energy
• Spirit energy creates hivemind in Sporemounds known as the Evergrowth
• Aggramar comes across Draenor and notices the Sporemounds
• He wants to stop the Sporemounds from consuming the planet
• He uses the four elements to transform a mountain in a living being – Grond
• Grond carved out the surface of Draenor and did battle with the Evergrowth
• Three powerful Sporemounds—Zang (swamps), Botaan (forests), Naanu (jungles)
• Grond defeats Zang & Naanu, whose bodies become Zangar Sea & Tanaan Jungle
• Pieces ripped from Grond and the Sporemounds evolved into beings due to Spirit
• From plants came genesaurs, from Grond came colossals
• Grond’s death unleashes elementals who exist due to Sporemounds eating Spirit
• Grond’s corpse becomes a mountain range in northeastern Nagrand
• Elemental Furies make their home at the Throne of the Elements, skull of Grond
• Aggramar fits the colossals with titanic discs to imbue them with arcane power
• Aggramar senses death of nearby constellar and leaves, never to return
• Colossals lure Botaan from the Evergrowth to their rocky territority to weaken it
• Fighting continues, and the magnaron are born from the remains of the colossals
• Magnaron did not obey orders but still felt compelled to fight the Evergrowth
• Remaining colossals swarm the Evergrowth and detonate titanic discs to destroy it
• Evergrowth loses hivemind, colossal corpses lack energy so no creatures rise
• Botaan’s remains still held energy, his body creates Farahlon
• Botaan’s life energies transformed the magnaron into fleshy gronn
• Gronn continued degenerating into ogron
• Ogron eventually evolved into the ogres who in turn devolved into the orcs
• Botaan’s remains created sporelings, podlings, botani

Part 2: The Great Avians

• Spirit of Life saturated Draenor and gave rise to beasts of great size and strength
• Winged creatures survived best because they could avoid the Primals and Breakers
• Three great avians developed in Arak: Rukhmar, Sethe, and Anzu
• Rukhmar the fire bird had brilliant wings and wielded the holy power of the Light
• Sethe the wind serpent had small, weak wings and channeled the Void
• Anzu the dread raven was smaller and discovered the Arcane from ley lines
• Anzu calls on others to transform Arak into a livable place, they chase out bad guys
• Rukhmar had an affinity for the kaliri; she became arrogant and never left the spire
• Anzu had an affinity for the lesser ravens and lived below the forest canopy
• Sethe and his wind serpents lived in the shadows at the base of the spire
• Sethe grew envious of Rukhmar because he could barely fly as high as the spire
• He sought out Anzu’s help to overthrow her and rule as Twin Kings
• Anzu, however, was in love with Rukhmar and refused to betray her
• He warned Rukhmar who burned Sethe’s wings to ash; Anzu tore out his eyes
• Sethe laid a curse with his dying breath using his flesh and blood to defile the land
• Anzu eats Sethe to seal his curse, which cripples him and he no longer flies
• Sethekk Hollow is the zone where Sethe died that was corrupted by his blood
• Anzu was ashamed of his transformation and hid from Rukhmar in the forests below
• Consuming Sethe gave Anzu new power as well; he hid himself in a realm of shadow
• Humbled by Anzu’s sacrifice, Rukhmar leaves Arak for Gorgrond
• She transformed her kaliri into the arrakoa to honor Anzu’s sacrifice
• The arrakoa to one day relcaim Arak but not as long as Sethe’s curse still lingered
• The arrakoa learn of the Light from Rukhmar and discovered Arcane magic as well
• They revered both Rukhmar and Anzu as deities

Part 3: Return to Arak

• Rukhmar dying and instructs the arrakoa to return to Arak; she dies on the trip
• Calling themselves the Apexis, arrakoa vow to create a civilization in her honor
• They studied Sethekk Hollow to learn shadow magic, embracing Light and Void
• The Anhar order studied Light, the Skalax order studied the Void and Arcane
• They explored Draenor, learned of Breakers & Primals, had disdain for land-dwellers
• A treant named Gnarlgar, one of Primals in Talador, noticed the arrakoa
• He learned of Evergrowth, hivemind, and Sporemounds from the genesaur
• Gnarlgar learned to empower other plants and manipulate them with magic
• He became caretaker to botani, groomed their culture, taught them magic
• Gnarlgar saw the arrakoa as an affront to nature, sought to destroy their artifice
• He found an ancient root of Botaan and used it to give life to a new Sporemound
• Botani sacrificed themselves to imbue mound with life energy, giving rise to Taala
• Botani raised genesaur to prepare for war; Gnarlgar created treants – the Gnarled
• Arrakoa sent scouts to investigate plants, most never came back
• Arrakoa assaulted Primals but Gnarlgar had enchanted trees against magic
• Anhar order proposed a weapon, Breath of Rukhmar, to channel sun
• Gnarlgar urged more botani to sacrifice themselves, and Taala finally stirred into life
• Some Skalaxi sorcerers went to stall the Primals, try to assassinate Gnarlgar
• Gnarlgar destroyed them but was cursed, his roots withering and rotting
• His death broke unity of the Primals, but they continue aimlessly toward Arak
• Arrakoa had time to finish weapon, which emitted fire to burn everything
• They burnt the Primals to a crisp and finally put an end to threat of Evergrowth
• Arrakoa created an empire dedicated to studying and cataloging knowledge
• Anhari and Skalaxi combined magic to create crystals to store information
• Touching crystal permitted one to absorb information/memories within
• Apexis also created mechanical constructs to do their bidding
• Anhari semi-resurrect Rukhmar but less powerful and intelligent
• Anhari built temple near weapon to honor Rukhmar; Skalaxi revered Anzu below
• Rivarly developed between the Anhari and the Skalaxi
• Anhari leader, Priest-Lord Velthreek, wanted to hoard apexis for select few
• Skalaxi leader, Sorcerer-Lord Salavass, believed all should have access to knowledge
• Civil war broke out, and the Anhari threatened to use their weapon
• Salavass used a curse to destabilize the weapon, causing explosion, killing most
• The single spire of Arak was split into numerous smaller spires by the explosion
• Apexis society was basically lost, but the arrakoa would continue to live on


Part 1: Rise of the Ogres

• Gronn were solitary, fighting over territory and food
• Ogron were brutish, rudimentary, but banded together for safety
• Ogres and orcs were fearful of ogron and revered gronn
• Orcs originally lived in caves under Gorgrond
• Skalaxi arrakoa leader, Yonzi, learns of cache of apexis crystals
• Cache buried in Talador, now occupied by ogron
• Ogron would not negotiate with arrakoa
• Yonzi sought alliance with ogron slaves, the ogres
• Arrakoa taught arcane magic to ogres, who mastered it quickly
• Titan ancestry allowed ogres to especially master stone magic
• Ogre named Gog became leader of this rebellion
• Gog fought not the ogron but instead killed a gronn
• Killing more gronn, Gog the Gronnslayer inspired other ogres
• Ogre slaves rose up and defied their ogron masters
• Arrakoa waited patiently to reclaim crystals in aftermath
• Gog, now Gorgog (King Gog), fought off arrakoa as well
• Named city Goria and told Skalaxi to leave
• Yonzi tried to attack at night but was defeated by Gog
• Gorian Empire expanded over the generations
• Ogres not focused on conquest but acquired many lands
• Gronn and ogron hunted down
• Cities of Highmaul and Bladespire Hold sprang up
• Goria became center of magic, apexis crystal highly prized
• Some ogres begin to be born with two heads
• Seen as good sign, so begin magically creating two-head ogres

Part 2: Rise of the Orcs

• Ogre rebellion allowed orcs to come out of their caves
• Orcs hunted widlife of Gorgrond nearly to extinction
• Orcs began migrating out of the region to avoid conflict
• Gorgrond: Blackrock, Laughing Skull, Lightning’s Blade, Dragonmaw
• Blackrock remained in caves to study ore and earth
• Blackrock ore is the remains of Grond, magically imbued
• Dragonmaw called Nelghor-shomash in orcish (Cry of the Beasts)
• Refered to rhylaks as nelghor; name for dragons once on Azeroth
• Tanaan clans: Bleeding Hollow, Bonechewers
• Frostfire clans: Frostwolves, Whiteclaws, Thunderlord
• Frostwolves and Whiteclaws learn to live with nature, wolves
• Thunderlords prefer to dominate wildlife, hunt gronns
• Talador clans: Burning Blade, Redwalkers, Bladewinds
• Nagrand clan: Warsong
• Warsong were nomadic, raided ogre civilizations
• Shadowmoon clan lived in peace, revered the sky and stars
• Shadowmoon went on pilgrimages hoping to hear divine voices
• Some made their way to Throne of the Elements (skull of Grond)
• Pilgrims learned of the elements, birth of first shaman
• Ogres tore and ripped earth; orcs revered elements
• Shadowmoon became first shaman and created temple at Throne
• Orcs would come to be judged by elements, worthy or not
• Some orcs reached into veil and discovered the Void
• They were driven insane, had white skulls tatooed on their faces
• Lived in seclusion in caves of Nagrand, seen as “dead” to orcs
• Shaman became respected, worked alongside clan chieftains
• Annual gathering of shaman called Kosh’harg festival

Part 3: Decline of the Arrakoa

• No orc clans dared venture into Spires of Arak
• Arrakoa became dark, superstitious, haunted
• Renamed themselves “high arrakoa” but only shadow of empire
• Ruled by line of kings sharing power with Anhar order
• No longer respect dread raven Anzu
• Sethekk Hollow used as place of punishment, banishment
• Most banished die, some transformed and unable to fly (Outcasts)
• Outcasts hunted by the saberon
• Pridelord Karash of Bloodmane decided to hunt flying arrakoa
• Taught his tribe to use harpoons, spears, and nets to hunt
• Spires under siege from saberon, faith in Rukhmar wavered
• Terokk, king of arrakoa, sought to fight back
• He attacked saberon himself, ripping them apart
• Became a living legend, built a new city in the sky, Skyreach
• Anhari saw Terokk as a threat to their authority
• Priests kidnapped Terokk and daughter Lithic, thrown to Hollow
• Lithic dies; Terokk warped by the curse of Sethe
• Priests became Adherents of Rukhmar, rule Skyreach
• Terokk heard voice and gathered the fallen arrakoa
• Voice was Anzu, guiding the Outcasts to shadow magic
• Terokk and his talonpriests created city of Skettis in forest
• On border of Arak, forest became known as Terokkar
• Terokk went insane, had to be confined to shadow realm

Part 4: Orcs vs. Ogres

• Orcs and ogres in conflict, Gorians uninterested in orcs
• Gorians ruled by sorcerer kings called imperators
• Ogres initially unimpressed by orc shamanism
• Upon seeing raw power, ogres seek to learn
• Imperator Molok sends army to Throne of the Elements
• Ogre sorcerers investigate area with arcane spells
• Residual energy from Grond mixed with ogre spells
• Explosion wipes out sorcerers and destroys temple
• Draenor descended into turmoil (storms, earthquakes)
• Molok sends more sorcerers; elements cry for help
• Orc shamans tried to calm elements but to no avail
• Shadowmoon elder, Nelgarm, unites clans to act
• Total war breaks out between ogres and orcs
• Orcs managed to push ogres back to capital of Goria
• Orcs wanted to avoid too much bloodshed, did not attack Goria
• Ogres began starving, trade networks cut off by land
• Molok learns about curse of Sethe from apexis crystals
• Creates red pox, highly contagious, to kill off orcs
• Nelgarm realizes the siege is doomed to fail
• Unprecedented, orcs implore elements to destory Goria
• Storm, fire, earthquake ravage city; the earth devours it
• No ogres were spared; orcs victorious but frightened
• Clans decide to disperse and go separate ways
• Red pox continued to plague every few generations
• Highmaul and Bladespire become isolated city-states
• Orcs seized ogre lands, became most advanced race

Part 5: Arrival of the Draenei

• Sargeras has trouble commanding demons, needs new allies
• Sought out highly intelligent eredar to become his lieutenants
• Three wise rulers—Archimonde, Kil’jaeden, and Velen
• Velen resists and flees Argus with the help of the naaru
• Draenei refugees flee for thousands of years aboard the Genedar
• Three naaru—K’ure, K’ara, D’ore—helped flee the Legion
• Traveling in cosmos consumed lots of energy, naaru were weakened
• Naaru found world untouched by Legion, called it Draenor (Exiles’ Refuge)
• K’ara loses touch with Light, consumed by Void energies
• K’ara request the draenei eject it from the Genedar
• Velen shields other two naaru from K’ara and casts it away
• K’ara would float above Shadowmoon Valley for centuries
• Battle weakened Velen, prophecies unreliable until centuries of recovery
• Two remaining naaru too weak to guide Genedar, crash lands killing D’ore
• K’ure instructs draenei to leave shipwreck because naaru was decaying
• Velen first creates Rangari as scouts to survey their new home
• Since leaving Argus, Velen had numerous visions that helped saved draenei
• His visions now unfocused, drifting between certainty and possibility
• Having touched K’ara, he saw the Voids desired future
• Velen no longer wanted to be sole leader, so creates Exarch Council
• Exarch 1: Naielle, leader of Rangari, led by example
• Exarch 2: Hataaru, leader of Artificers, created arkonite crystals
• Exarch 3: Akama, leader of Vindicators, defenders against darkness
• Exarch 4: Othaar, leader of Sha’tari, studied naaru remains
• Draenei come upon ideal location to build settlement, former city of Goria
• Established Shattrath (Dwelling of Light)
• Maladaar, a Sha’tari, sensed that D’ore’s remains attracted dead draenei spirits
• Velen ordered D’ore moved to secluded place on outskirts of Terokkar Forest
• Mausoleum known as Auchindoun (Home for the Honored Dead)
• Exarch 5: Maladaar, leader of Auchenai, communing with dead spirits

Part 6: Just Before the Dark Portal

• Scouts discovered Genedar crash greatly impacted Draenor with its energies
• Draenei etablish outposts like Karabor along the ley lines of Draenor
• Successfully quieted Primals and Breakers for a time using Arcane and Light
• Draenei hoped to avoid conflict with local orc clans
• Shadowmoon orcs see K’ara (Dark Star) as a sign and worship it
• Some shaman tried to access K’ara’s power, shattering their minds
• Shadowmoon decided K’ara was forbidden, violaters to be exiled
• K’ure in Nagrand, like D’ore, attracted spirits, this time orc spirits (Oshu’gun)
• Orc ancestors infused with light provided guidance to living orcs
• D’ore’s remains emitted Void energies, but very little left of its form
• K’ure, however, still fully intact, which worried the draenei
• Orc exiles underground in Nagrand noticed K’ure, tapped into Void
• These outcasts began communing with void lords, who taught shadow magic
• Exiles’ skin turned sickly white, became known as Pale
• Some orcs engaged in trade with draenei, but little contact for decades
• Some orcs saw draenei as divine, none saw them as a threat
• Ogres, however, saw draenei’s isolation as a sign of weakness
• Construction of Shattrath deeply angered ogres of Highmaul
• Refined, magical technology of draenei kept ogres at bay for a time
• Imperator Hok’lon of Highmaul incited war against the draenei
• Ogre army outnumbered draenei, but the city’s defenses easily repelled attack
• Ogres regroup, Akama leads elite force of holy warriors (Maraad and Nobundo)
• Elite force kills Hok’lon and his generals, draenei leave ogres in disarray
• Velen projects voice with Light to warn ogres, who retreat and never return
• Orcs finally see draenei as potential threat as result of ogre attack on Shattrath
• Orcs fearful of draenei’s use of arcane and holy magics
• At Kosh’harg, some decide to stop trade with draenei, others see as enemies
• Bladewind orcs, living between Terokkar and Nagrand, wanted to act
• Bladewind attacked draenei caravans, garnering attention of exarchs
• Many draenei wanted to retaliate, but Velen forbade it
• Rangari saved draenei prisoners, Vindicators protected caravans
• Bladewind orcs developed respect for Rangari and Vindicators
• Years pass, skirmishes occur but no real outbreak of conflict
• One day, young Orgrim Doomhammer and Durotan cross paths with draenei
• Orgrim from Blackrock clan, Durotan from Frostwolves
• They met at Kosh’harg, challenged each other, rivalry became friendship
• Friendship between clans against tradition, they met at Frostfire/Gorgrond border
• Set out into Terokkar Forest where attacked by enraged Highmaul ogre
• Rangari party kills ogre, leader Restalaan offered haven in Telmor for orcs
• Orgrim and Durotan shocked by hospitality and draenei technology
• Velen, in Telmor to see Restalaan, requests an audience with two orcs
• Had been having dreams of united orcs marching for war
• Velen found no darkness in two orcs who were proud and honest
• Rangari escort orcs back to Gorgrond, who told tales of hospitable draenei
• Event marks last peaceful encounter between orcs and draenei


Part 1: The Second Invasion of Azeroth

• Sargeras and Legion continue Burning Crusade, destroying worlds
• Azeroth contained nascent titan spirit to rival even Sargeras
• Sargeras sought to conquer Azeroth before the void lords could
• Launched massive invasion called War of the Ancients
• Defeat by night elves infuriated Sargeras, who planned another invasion
• Needed a new means of creating a portal for his demonic armies
• Also wanted to wittle down Azeroth forces before demon arrival
• Sent his followers to recruit races to corrupt
• Sargeras focused on finding individual on Azeroth to serve as vessel
• Sargeras sought second Well of Eternity beneath Nordrassil for portal
• Kil’jaeden tasks demon Talgath with hunting down the draenei
• Always one step behind draenei, but crash of Genedar sent holy waves in cosmos
• Talgath spent a century tracking the holy energy to the draenei
• Saw the draenei were on Draenor and that their ship was crashed, no escape
• Kil’jaeden pleased, once been friends with Velen, saw flight as betrayal
• Talgath ordered to remain hidden and observe draenei, reported about orcs

Part 2: The Warlords of Draenor

• Talgath observed that orcs were resilient, prone to violence
• Observed most powerful clans (WS, BR, BH, SM, TL, FW)
• Warsong nomads shaped by ogre battles, led by Grommash Hellscream
• Highmaul outnumbered Warsong, but orcs led raids with wolf riders
• Grommash pushed ogres back to walled city of Highmaul, took portions of zone
• Ogres had history of enslaving orcs for entertainment in arenas
• One slave, Kargath, led uprising, tearing of his hand to escape
• Fellow orcs did the same and followed Kargath, earned named “Bladefist”
• Shattered Hand orcs established foothold in Spires of Arak
• Bloody traditions of self-disfigurement, scarification, weapons on severed limbs
• Blackrock leader, Blackhand, arrogant, famous, respected, power hungry
• Blackrocks had largest, most organized, best equipped military
• Shamans perfected use of elemental fire, crafted enchanted weapons
• Bleeding Hollow highly suspicious, lived in remote Tanaan Jungle
• Kilrogg Deadeye saved clan from extinction from botani, arrakoa, ogres
• Gouged out eye to see vision of his death, lived life without fear from then on
• Shadowmoon relatively peaceful, practiced shamanism, visted Throne of Elements
• Wise chieftian Ner’zhul guided Shadowmoon, respected by all clans (very rare)

Part 3: The Orcs of Frostfire Ridge

• Frostwolves under Garad did not seek to dominate Frostfire Ridge, live in harmony
• Three sons: Ga’nar, Durotan, Fenris
• Fenris did not accept father’s teachings, joined Thunderlord clan
• Thunderlords brave, valorous, hunted gronn and magnaron
• Talgath watched tensions increase between Frostwolves and Bladespire ogres
• Imperator Kelgrok of Bladespire wanted to expand waning ogre influence
• Ogres had cross-bred ogres and orcs to make up for dwindling numbers
• Half-breeds called mok’nathal, strength of ogre, cunning of orcs
• Mok’nathal kept as prisoners in chains, families were threatened
• Imperator unleashes mok’nathal on Frostfire to claim swathes of land
• Garad called upon union of Frostwolves, Thunderlord, and Whiteclaws
• Fenris refused, leading raids against the ogre settlements
• Whiteclaw joined Frostwolves, Ga’nar and Durotan named lieutenants
• Attack on Bladespire, no decisive victory, but freed mok’nathal + elder Leoroxx
• Garad speaks with Leoroxx, learns of mok’nathal situation, agrees to help
• Leoroxx returns to Bladespire to incite rebellion, mok’nathal rose up
• Leoroxx strangled Imperator with his slave chains, ogres fled Bladespire
• Hundreds of orc losses, including Ga’nar, Garad heartbroken
• Orcs offer home to mok’nathal who decline, knowing they will never be accepted
• Leoroxx and mok’nathal go to Gorgrond to live in seclusion

Part 4: Kil’jaeden and the Orcs

• Kil’jaeden saw orc traditions and superstitions as way to manipulate them
• Kil’jaeden decides to use orcs to enact revenge upon the draenei
• Talgath upset, wanted to kill draenei himself, spoke out against Kil’jaeden
• Kil’jaeden angered but respects Talgath, tells him to leave Draenor forever
• Kil’jaeden sought out an agent among the orcs: found Gul’dan
• Born with physical weaknesses to clan on the edge of Gorgrond
• Gul’dan’s twisted form see as ill omen, eventually exiled from clan
• Clan elder took pity, told Gul’dan to seek out the Throne of the Elements
• Gul’dan, spiteful and hateful, struggled to survive as he made way to Nagrand
• Fell to his knees, pitiful and twisted, cried out to the elements for help
• Elements sensed darkness in him, rejected him as had his clan
• Sensing his abandonment and hoplessness, Kil’jaeden reached out to Gul’dan
• Offered him power to seek vengeance in exchange for service to Legion
• Gul’dan agreed, instructed in ways of fel magic, becomes first orc warlock
• Kil’jaeden warns him to keep magic hidden, only use when necessary
• Kil’jaeden finally has orc agent, but time is not right, wants orcs to be desperate
• Gul’dan told Kil’jaeden of past alliance of orc clans during elemental distress
• Inundates Throne of Elements with fel magic, elemental furies appeared
• Furies never faced fel before, weakened and fled before Gul’dan’s power
• First time Gul’dan dominated something in his life, left him feeling intoxicated
• Fel disrupts elements, causing droughts followed by heavy rain, floods, snowstorms
• Elements tormented by fel, rarely communed with orcs who grew desperate
• Gul’dan used magic to spread red pox, contaminated many during Kosh’harg
• Ner’zhul leads clans to discuss elements, Garad contaminated by red pox
• Ner’zhul urged infected to remain in Nagrand to help contain the disease
• Garad remained in Nagrand and took charge of fellow pox victims
• Durotan volunteered to remain, but Garad told him to go home and lead clan
• Last time Durotan saw father, Garad succombed, settlement named Garadar

Part 5: The Corruption of Ner’zhul

• Gul’dan was poweful, but charismatic public figure needed to unite orc clans
• Gul’dan exterminated his former clan in fel fire, none knew of his history now
• Shadowmoon took pity on clanless Gul’dan, welcomed him to their clan
• Chose Ner’zhul, persistent and forthright, to become figurehead for orcs
• Ner’zhul had lost mate, Rulkan, years before, found peace communing with elements
• Elements now silent, Ner’zhul began to despair, memories of mate resurfaced
• Gul’dan preyed on Ner’zhul, gained his trust by telling of his own troubled past
• Ner’zhul took Gul’dan as shamanic apprentice, Kil’jaeden twisted his mind
• Gul’dan looked to Bladewind clan, who had conflict with draenei, to incite war
• Bladewinds were succombing to elemental disruption, red pox, lack of food
• Gul’dan convinced them draenei were responsible for red pox and elemental woes
• Bladewind respected Shadowmoon, decided to kill draenei to appease elements
• Attacked caravan, killed Vindicators, captured prisoners like Leran, Maraad’s sister
• Maraad called for action, Velen appealed for calm after seeing strange visions
• Velen had seen shadow looming over orcs, guiding their actions
• Rangari scouts reported Bladewind were sacrificing prisoners to the elements
• Maraad pleaded to save sister, exarchs agreed reluctantly to attack Bladewind
• Prisoners already dead, Maraad enraged by their mutilated bodies, rampaged
• Most Bladewind died, few survivors fled but were murdered by Gul’dan
• Gul’dan returned to Shadowmoon to report, seed of hatred sewn among orcs
• Kil’jaeden meanwhile had been preying on Ner’zhul’s emotions
• Appeared in dreams as spirit of Rulkan, warning of the draenei menace
• Ner’zhul initially unsure, changed mind when Gul’dan returned with news
• Rulkan pressed on, saying the only way to protect orcs was to eliminate draenei
• Convinced Ner’zhul to unite clans as before, orcs followed advice of a spirit
• Clans were to meet urgently at Oshu’gun
• Kil’jaeden influenced Oshu’gun, preventing orcs from communing with spirits
• Also reached out to elder shaman everywhere, posing as spirits to warn them

Part 6: Forging the Horde

• All the famous orc chieftains came to meet at Oshu’gun
• Durotan came with mate, Draka, and elder shaman, Drek’Thar
• Excited at prospect of reuniting with his friend Orgrim, second to Blackhand
• Ner’zhul told of elemental unease, red pox, slaughter of Bladewind clan
• Warmongerers (Blackhand, Kargath, Grommash) wanted to unite
• Others like Durotan or Zagrel of the Whiteclaws were less keen
• Durotan shares stories of he and Orgrim’s time among the draenei
• Ancestral spirits, however, had to be listened to, even by Durotan
• Gul’dan was despised by other clans, but gave his support for unity
• Became matter of honor: even a weakling like Gul’dan supports unity, all must
• Gul’dan took note of Zagrel and others like him who dissented
• Votes were cast, almonst unanimous, from that day on known as the Horde
• Velen knew elements had upset the orcs, tried to send emissaries to make peace
• News of Horde meant the time for diplomacy had passed
• Rather than offensive, Velen and exarchs decided to defend their holdings
• Akama charged with organizing defenses, Artificers reinforce cities
• Velen considered possibly of Legion influence but as of yet saw no demon activity
• Ner’zhul grew anxious, elements totally silent following attacks on draenei
• Kil’jaeden again contacted Ner’zhul, telling him of powerful allies who could help
• Kil’jaeden appeared as radiant elemental energy, told Ner’zhul to push on
• Rulkan no longer appeared to Ner’zhul, so he went to Oshu’gun for answers
• Kil’jaeden ordered Gul’dan to seize Shadowmoon clan, Ner’zhul too unreliable
• Gul’dan met young Shadowmoon shaman, Teron’gor, taught him fel magic
• Having failed when calling on elements, Teron’gor was pleased with magic
• Gul’dan slowly continued recruiting Shadowmoon orcs to become his warlocks
• Ner’zhul reached Oshu’gun, called out, his will brought Kil’jaeden’s spell
• Voices of ancestors rushed into his head, including his mate Rulkan
• Spirits revealed he had been used, draenei were not the true enemies
• Spirits turned backs on Ner’zhul, a fate worse than death for spiritual orcs
• Ashamed, Ner’zhul made way back to Shadowmoon but was apprehened by Gul’dan
• Kil’jaeden wanted to avoid suspicion, Ner’zhul kept alive to witness fall of draenei
• Ner’zhul tortured and abused like a slave, fearful of death and faded from public eye

Part 7: The Blackrocks and the Shadow Council

• Orcs crushed small draenei outposts, not successful against large cities
• Blackhand and Grommash argued over battle tactics, Horde still not unified
• Gul’dan desired to step in and lead, but Kil’jaeden still refused him
• Decided that the Horde now need a warchief to lead and unite
• Gul’dan’s lust for power second to his fear of Kil’jaeden, goes to find warchief
• Blackrock orcs most successful militarily, sought to make Blackhand warchief
• Trained Blackrock shaman to use fel magic, magically aged young orcs to warriors
• Blackhand, impressed, ordered his sons Dal’rend and Maim to be enhanced
• Gul’dan seen as useful to Blackhand, but both harbored distrust for the other
• Gul’dan creates Shadow Council to watch over orcs and maintain control
• Blackhand invited to join, but inner circle composed only of Gul’dan loyalists
• Blackhand and Gul’dan would use one another as means to an end
• First member of Council was Teron’gor, orcs sworn to secrecy
• Sought other powerful individuals on Draenor like Garona and Cho’gall
• Garona was offspring of Bladewind orc and draenei captive, gifted with languages
• Kept as prisoner, abused by Bladewind, used as an interpreter
• Fled after fall of Bladewind, strikes deal with Gul’dan and Shadow Council
• Ensorcelled by dark power, Garona becomes assassin for Council
• Cho’gall, as two-headed ogre, seen as omen of good fortune
• Lived in privilege in Highmaul, tutored by powerful ogre sorcerers
• Gained following among common ogres but hated by the aristocracy
• Fearing rebellion, nobles tried to assassinate Cho’gall, who fled Highmaul
• Thirst for vegeance, Cho’gall joins Council, but uninteressed in their politics
• Apprentice to Gul’dan, Cho’gall only wanted power, waited for day to seize it
• Gul’dan formed first necrolytes who spread plagues and raised the dead
• Shadow Council dispersed to report news and spread word of Blackhand’s might
• New power even greater than shamanism tempted many orcs
• Spied especially on orcs like Zagrel who had openly defied unification and war
• Garona sent under cover of darkness to kill Zagrel, clan falls into inner turmoil
• Durotan aware of assassination but not sure who could be responsible
• Gul’dan called clans to Oshu’gun, says elements have abandoned them
• Blackrocks had secrets to fel magic that could be salvation for orcs
• Never revealed Kil’jaeden or demons to the orcs, only his trusted followers
• Blackrocks demonstrate fel magic, shamans like Drek’Thar ask to be taught
• Gul’dan suggests a warchief is needed and proposes Blackhand
• All chieftains reluctanctly agree, Durotan out of fear for retaliation on his clan
• Blackhand named Warchief of the Horde

Part 8: The Drums of War

• Warchief Blackhand orders construction of new capital, the Citadel, in Tanaan
• Neutral ground where orc chieftains could gather and strategize
• Gul’dan secretly makes Citadel base for Shadow Council and its warlocks
• Council could keep tabs on the chieftains and influence from the shadows
• Blackhand instituted new structure to the Horde, giving each clan a role
• Small, mobile clans (BH, DM, SH, TL, SM, BC) to be scouts, raiders, auxiliary
• Founded new clan, Black Tooth Grin, to be scouts for the Blackrock orcs
• Mightiest clans (BR, WS, FW) to compose the backbone of the orcish army
• Some orcs unwillingly to follow outsider, Blackhand used tyranny to control them
• Public executions, threats of clan annihilation kept wary clans at bay
• Appointed lieutenants to keep order: Eitrigg, Orgrim, Varok Saurfang
• Blackrocks created new armaments, Blackhand recruits mok’nathal and ogres
• Blackrock warlocks sent to other clans to teach fel magic and embue children
• Most chiefs accepted, but Durotan was against, Frostwolf children turned anyways
• Use of fel, changing of skin to green, made Durotan question Blackhand
• Meanwhile, the Pale continued to channel K’ure, void powers rivaled the fel
• Gul’dan uninterested, but Kil’jaeden saw an opportunity to use the Pale
• Gul’dan sends Cho’gall to investigate, discovered their prophecy (Hour of Twilight)
• Pale saw prophecy as moment when shadow would envelop and snuff out life
• Cho’gall uninterested in the Hour of Twilight but wanted to learn shadow magic
• Claimed Horde was means to bring about the Hour of Twilight
• Pale committed themselves to the Horde, becoming Twilight’s Hammer clan
• Cho’gall eventually saw truth in the Pale’s prophecy and would devote himself
• Horde machinery gave upperhand, draenei started to fall and become concerned
• Use of fel magic, rise of warlocks finally showed draenei the Legion influence
• Velen finally began to have visions of the future again, but it was too late
• With no more means of fleeing Draenor, Velen and exarchs discussed a plan
• Withdrew outpost forces to Shattrath and Karabor to defend their great cities
• Elementals, distressed by fel, rallied together and planned to stop orcs as well
• Blackhand prepared clans to lay siege to Temple of Karabor
• Little resistance until volcano outside the temple suddenly erupted
• Cyrukh the Firelord took form and sent roaring firestorm to destroy Horde
• Former orc shamans visibly shaken, saw as disapproval of fel by the elements
• Gul’dan saw opportunity as elements had gathered all their power in one place
• With Council, flooded Cyrukh with fel magic and shattered his physical form
• Mountain roared, chasms erupted, Gul’dan infused warlocks with this energy
• Last connection severed between orcs and elements, mountain is Hand of Gul’dan
• Eruption of volcano frightened draenei who saw firsthand Legion’s power
• Velen was on front lines at Karabor to inspire and imbue draenei with the Light
• Fel energy siege weapons broke city walls, draenei held orcs at bay for a time
• Gul’dan and Council drew on powers of Dark Star, casting pillar of Void on Karabor
• Instantly killed many defenders, many others driven mad by waves of shadow magic
• Velen rallies survivors who make way to Karabor harbor to escape the city
• Influx of void energy permeated Karabor, now known as the Black Temple
• Gul’dan publicly says Temple to be draenei prison, really seat of power for Council
• Gul’dan tells Blackhand separation of Council from Citadel good to remain hidden
• In fact, he hoped to distance himself from warchief to work freely
• Gul’dan and Council subjected prisoners to torture to get info about Shattrath

Part 9: The Blood of Mannoroth

• Kil’jaeden pleased despite Velen’s escape, wanted to capture, humiliate, torture him
• No more Dark Star to use against Shattrath, Kil’jaeden need a new plan of attack
• Empowering orcs with fel energies only gave limited power, need demon blood
• Kil’jaeden revealed plan to enslave orcs, Gul’dan willing as long as he gets power
• Gul’dan convokes clans to mountaintop near Citadel to empower orcs
• Never tells Blackhand where power comes from, only that it will help them
• Kil’jaeden opens temporary portal to Temple and Mannoroth the Destructor arrives
• Mannoroth radiated untold power, and even Gul’dan quaked before him
• Gul’dan kept Mannoroth a secret from the clans, informing only his Council
• Ner’zhul, kept close to the Council, gleaned this information from them
• Had spent years in self-loathing, but discovering demon blood plans changed him
• Sought to warn the clan leaders, but knew some were to loyal to Blackhand
• Sent secret missive to Durotan among Council orders to warn Frostwolves
• Urged Durotan not to accept the Legion’s power, Council never found out
• Atop mountain, Gul’dan unveiled pool of blood without revealing its source
• Gul’dan challenged chieftains to accept, Grommash was first to step forward
• Drank deeply, grew taller, muscles bulged, eyes turned red, let out war cry
• Only few orcs refused the blood, including Orgrim and Durotan
• Durotan had received warning, refused to drink on behalf of all his clan
• Gul’dan angered, but could not kill Durotan with imminent Shattrath assault
• Orgrim saw destruction of Draenor around him and decided not to drink
• Claimed not worthy to drink from same cup after Warchief Blackhand had
• Both Gul’dan and Blackhand saw refusal as a sign of servitude
• Blood drinkers radiated fel aura that seeped into bodies of those who did not drink
• Eventually, most orcs, including Durotan and Orgrim, would turn green
• Blackhand declared attack on Shattrath to occur that night
• Gul’dan infused mountain with fel energy, creating Throne of Kil’jaeden
• Red pox quarantined orcs (Mag’har) remained unaffected, including Garrosh

Part 10: The Fall of Shattrath, Auchindoun and Skyreach

• Velen had foreseen that Shattrath was doomed and would fall
• He had seen blood-red sky, poison that twisted his people into monsters
• Initially wanted to fully evacuate Shattrath, but decided to leave bulk of army
• They would sacrifice their lives to make sure the civilians could escape
• Velen had abandoned Karabor to the Horde, but decided to stay at Shattrath
• Exarchs argued against this and persuaded him to leave as the only hope for draenei
• Velen led civilians to Telredor, remote temple on island in the Zangar Sea
• Rangari harrassed Horde to slow them, Vindicators built up defenses in city
• Kil’jaeden, no longer disguised to orcs, appeared before them near Shattrath
• To help take Shattrath, he gave warlocks knowledge of new, powerful spells
• Gul’dan and Council mixed red pox and magic to create volatile plague
• Council loaded mixture into bombs to be thrown into the city by siege engines
• Bombs released foul mist, thick red fog, that burned and choked draenei
• Warlocks used new spells to summon green meteors, infernals, to crash on Shattrath
• Maraad, Akama, Nobundo, and thousands stood against the orcs
• Maraad and Vindicators tried to help remaining civilians, but not successful
• Costly battle for the orcs, but the city of Shattrath eventually fell
• Gul’dan feared Velen’s escape would anger Kil’jaeden, sent Garona to find him
• Some draenei survived attack and fled to the tomb city of Auchindoun
• Exarch Maladaar organized the forces at Auchindoun
• Gul’dan feared draenei would call on spirit ancestors to aid against the orcs
• Teron’gor and Council dispatched to assault Auchindoun
• Maladaar, draenei, and ancestor spirits would succeeding in holding back orcs
• Desperate, Teron’gor reached into the void to summon a powerful demon
• Reached too far and summoned elemental known as Murmur
• Shockwave of its arrival tore tomb city asunder, leveling surrounding forests
• Maladaar and a few shielded themselves from blast but taken prisoner by orcs
• Murmur contained within Auchindoun, lifeless land around called Bone Wastes
• Velen’s people once again refugees, but this time trapped on dying planet
• Artificers constructed arkonite crystals to shroud Telredor from the Legion
• Maraad and other survivors trickled into Telredor after witnessing horrors
• Akama and Nobundo among those to succomb to the red pox mist
• Became smaller, shriveled, lost connection to the Holy Light (Krokul or Broken)
• Draenei feared these Broken would contaminate them, drove them out
• Unluckiest Broken became Lost Ones, lost grip on sanity and more deformed
• Velen would eventually travel to other enclaves to hide from Horde and help others
• Telredor largest haven, sea dried up around to create Zangarmarsh
• After fall of Shattrath, Blackhand turned attention to other civilizations on Draenor
• Kilrogg led BH orcs to Farahlon to destroy last bastion of Primals
• Ogre shipwrights built ships for them, Kilrogg accustomed to jungles of Farahlon
• Orcs leeched life and set forests ablaze, killing every genesaur and botani
• Warsong and Twilight’s Hammer (Grommash & Cho’gall) toppled Highmaul
• Cho’gall sought out and killed Imperator Mar’gok armed with void and fel
• Bound Mar’gok to his throne with magic and burned him alive
• Frostwolf, Thunderlord, and Whiteclaw tasked with killing gronn, ogron, magnaron
• Few holdouts of ogres left, most had died or joined the Horde
• Frostwolves and Whiteclaw held back, but Thunderlord reveled in hunting
• Mightiest gronn to escape was Gruul, fended off Thunderlord in Gorgrond
• Also considered killing mok’nathal, but Blackhand stayed his… black… hand…
• Rexxar, son of Leoroxx, joined the Horde to convince Blackhand not to kill his people
• Rexxar disagreed with father’s isolationism, longed for glory and battle
• Arrakoa had rediscovered Apexis technology, created sun cannon atop spires
• Blackhand called on Kargath Bladefist to deal with the pesky arrakoa
• Formed invasion from Shattered Hand, Burning Blade, and Dragonmaw clans
• Searing beam from cannon ignited forests and incinerated dozens of orcs
• Kargath allied with Outcast arrakoa, who infiltrated city to destroy weapon
• Kargath slaughtered high arrakoa, threw bodies from spire, then turned on Outcasts
• Some high arrakoa taken prisoner and cast to Sethekk Hollow, amusing Kargath
• Surviving Outcasts shrouded themselves in shadow and hid in Terokkar Forest
• High arrakoa transformed into Outcasts banded together under Grizzik
• Grizzik led his people to Auchindoun to hide from orcs and one day get revenge
• During Shattrath, Kil’jaeden met with Sargeras to inform him of his work
• Sargeras saw opportunity to use orcs as agents to attack Azeroth
• Kil’jaeden ordered to cease communication with Gul’dan and other orcs
• Sargeras wanted orcs unruly, brink of self-destruction, so they would beg for more
• Orcs floundered on Draenor, having conquered but also killed most of planet
• Tanaan Jungle now red wasteland known as Hellfire Peninsula (thus Hellfire Citadel)
• Blackhand turned to Gul’dan for answers, who was consumed by bitterness/anger
• Gul’dan did not reveal Kil’jaeden’s disappearance to protect self from Blackhand
• Hunger continued, Dragonmaw ate their rylaks, Warsong ate their own wolves
• Orcs had bloodlust, fought, Lightning’s Blade, Whiteclaw, Redwalkers suffered
• WS, Bonechewer, Laughing Skull, Shattered Hand, Thunderlord lost to madness
• Blackhand banished these clans from Citadel to protect orcs
• Sargares waited, having corrupted a powerful vessel on Azeroth, Medivh


Part 1: Medivh’s Origins

• Secret order called Council of Tirisfal protected Azeroth from Legion
• Magi channeled their power into one person called the Guardian
• Sargeras came across the Guardian Aegwynn, one of the greatest magi ever
• He sent his avatar to Northrend, where it was vanquished by Aegwynn
• She sealed his avatar in the ruins of an elven temple, Tomb of Sargeras
• Added her own magic to existing seals that nullified fel magic
• She had exhausted her power, was vulnerable, possessed by Sargeras
• He darkened her thoughts, turned her against the Council of Tirisfal
• Refused to give powers over to new Guardian
• Tirisgarde, group of mage hunters, formed to apprehend Aegwynn
• One Tirisgarde member was Nielas Aran, but became confidant to Aegwynn
• Aegwynn and Aran disillusioned with Council’s meddling in human kingdoms
• They have a child, Medivh, whom Aegwynn hopes to bestow with her powers
• Sargeras possessed Medivh, grew up in Stormwind with Prince Llane & Lothar
• Aegwynn, tired, retreated from the world, Nielas killed accidentally by Medivh

Part 2: Awakening of Medivh

• Trauma of killing his father sent Medivh into a coma for 10 years
• When he awoke, Azeroth was living in a time of prosperity
• Humans traded with dwarves, gnomes, and high elves
• Lordaeron acted as regional leader and mediated disagreements
• Dalaran made extraordinary advances in arcane and academic fields
• Quel’Thalas spent much time fending off skirmishes from Amani trolls
• In Kalimdor, night elves explored Emerald Dream, ever vigilant for the Legion
• Night elves expected the Legion’s return one day
• Medivh reunites with Llane, now ready to become king, and Lothar, a knight
• Stormwind farmers had been pushing farther south to Stranglethorn Vale
• Brought conflict with Gurubashi trolls
• King Barathen not interested in war, but Prince Llane ready to strike
• Medivh dreamt of woman urging him to travel to a place called Karazhan
• Medivh decided to focus on helping his friends deal with the Gurubashi

Part 3: A Secret Mission

• Troll raiding party cut through Westfall and caused destruction
• King Barathen still declared publicly there would be no offensive
• Llane challenged him publicly, Barathen rebuked his son
• Llane and Lothar plotted to act without consent from the king to attack
• Designed a secret plan for a small group to infiltrate into Gurubashi lands
• Llane and Lothar knew the truth about Medivh, wanted to recruit him
• Medivh was reluctant at first but reminded of Guardian’s duty to protect
• Medivh acquiesced, was interesting in testing his powers for the first time
• Shrouded by magic, the three slipped into Stranglethorn Vale
• Planned to kill warlord named Jok’non in a ziggurat in Stranglethorn
• Jok’non experimenting with blood magic from Hakkar the Soulflayer
• Battle brought attention, Medivh dueled Jok’non and his strange magic
• Medivh unleashed full might and destroyed every troll in ziggurat
• Three returned home, Llane and Lothar concerned by darkness in Medivh
• Medivh did not know where spell came from, disturbed by his own power

Part 4: The Gurubashi War

• Gurubashi rallied under Zan’non, son of slain warlord
• Stormwind’s southern defensive lines besieged within days
• Barathen prepared his men for one decisive battle at the gates
• Zan’non wielded father’s magic, empowered hulking beserkers
• Barathen and his guard went headfirst into fight but he was killed
• Llane pleaded with Medivh to unleash power
• Medivh was frightened but also strangely excited about it
• He rained fire and ice down, blasted with arcane energy
• Medivh seen as great defender, had secretly enjoyed killing
• Llane Wrynn becomes new king, Anduin Lothar raised as top commander
• Medivh continued dreaming of woman, decided to go to Karazhan
• Barathen had not called on northern kingdoms for help
• Help couldn’t come quickly and relations were not the best between kingdoms

Part 5: The Guardian’s Burden

• Medivh arrived at Karazhan to see the woman of his dreams, Aegwynn
• Aegwynn upset it took so long to meet, they bonded over a year
• She convinced him he needed secrecy, not to trust Council of Tirisfal
• Moroes, close friend of Aegwynn, agreed to stay and maintain tower
• Medivh spoke of his darkness, Aegwynn dismissed, not knowing about Sargeras
• Aegwynn returned to exile, Medivh began studying in Karazhan libraries
• Council heard about Stormwind, tracked Medivh to Karazhan
• Sent missives politely asking to meet with Medivh, sent students to study with him
• None stayed for long, darkness was growing, Moroes proposed having a party
• Medivh invited people from surrounding regions for feast, moods lifted
• Karazhan continued to host galas, nobles from Stormwind would come
• Council sent spies who reported Medivh wasted power living life of luxury
• Apprentices kept coming, Medivh drove them after not too long
• Kept spiraling into darkness and depression

Part 6: The Darkening of Medivh

• Medivh continued studying, inspired by history of Legion’s invasion of Azeroth
• Fascinated by the union of different races that had stopped the demons
• Believed the golden era of possible unity to be passed for Azeroth now
• Drew on experience from human-troll relations to justify this view
• Medivh decided he needed to prepare for the next inevitable invasion
• Medivh’s path mirrored Sargeras—belief the world could not be saved
• Azeroth needed to be broken—break barriers, nations, cultures, kings
• Medivh concluded he needed an army, decided to visit the cosmos
• Visited Twisting Nether, saw no sign of imminent threat to Azeroth
• Sargeras influenced him to visit Draenor, where he discovered the orcs
• Observed the orcs for years, taking on the guise of raven, noticed by orcs
• Saw destruction of draenei, destruction of planet, lack of food, power of fel
• Medivh decides to manipulate orcs, recording his thoughts in Book of Medivh

Part 7: Stranger from Beyond

• Blackhand continued pressing for answer from Gul’dan, still nothing
• Medivh approached Gul’dan and Shadow Council as hooded stranger
• Gul’dan lashed out immediately with full might of powers, to no avail
• Medivh turned his powers on Gul’dan, who was humiliated and pride wounded
• Medivh told orcs they could escape Draenor if they built a giant portal
• Sent visions of bountiful land into the minds of Gul’dan and Council
• Gul’dan sensed demonic presence in Medivh, realized it was Sargeras’s envoy
• Medivh believed he was laying foundation to destroy Legion, not Azeroth
• Gul’dan still demanded payment, Medivh offered more power
• Medivh showed vision of Tomb of Sargeras, said to hold great power
• Medivh believed Gul’dan could never find or open it himself
• Still he said Gul’dan could have its power if he completed their bargain
• Gul’dan conveyed to Blackhand, sought convergence of ley lines in Peninsula
• Ordered construction of enchanted stone frame, the Dark Portal

Part 8: The Council’s Suspicions

• Medivh made trips to Draenor, his absence noticed by Council of Tirisfal
• Council asked Kirin Tor to infiltrate Karazhan to find answers
• Some were disguised, some tried to open portals, but Medivh stopped all
• Four Kirin Tor members found dead but no sign of arcane magic
• Council had suspicions, stopped spying and focused on finding murderer

Part 9: The Dark Portal

• Blackhand staged mock battles to train up his beleaguered people
• Durotan saw this as a disgrace to tradition, openly criticized Gul’dan and fel
• Gul’dan and Medivh worked to open portal, tear open fabric in reality
• Needed more than just their power, drained life of every living draenei prisoner
• Medivh worked from Black Morass, their efforts opened the Dark Portal
• Blackhand sent scouts, Bleeding Hollow and Black Tooth Grin, to investigate
• Warlocks accompanied them to build a stone frame on Azeroth side

Part 10: Clash of the Guardians

• All attuned to magic on Azeroth felt the opening of the portal
• Aegwynn set out to investigate, discovered portal and orcs
• Realized that it was Guardian magic + fel had opened the portal
• Set out to stop Medivh, believing him to be working with the Legion
• Accompanied by blue dragon Arcanagos, an ally from her years in exile
• Sargeras seized full control of Medivh’s mind, suppressing his thoughts
• Revealed himself to Aegwynn, she was stunned to learn the truth
• She was angered, ready to strike down Sargeras by killing her own son
• Arcanagos outmatched, burned from the inside out until only bone left
• Aegwynn incapacitated, drew on rage of friend’s death to break spell
• Sargeras became desperate, drew life from all humans in Karazhan save Moroes
• Small part of Medivh resisted, only banished Aegwynn from tower forever
• Medivh knew not where he had sent her, only that he sensed her no more
• Medivh had no memory of possession, only that he battled his own mother
• Moroes driven mad, many Stormwind nobles killed when life was drained
• Karazhan grew dark, haunted by the spirits of those lost that day

Part 11: Garona and the Guardian

• Horde forces poured through Dark Portal accompanied by Garona
• Orcs encountered and killed humans, few prisoners because couldn’t speak language
• Garona listened to one prisoner rant about a powerful mage who could destroy them
• She set out for the tower of Karazhan to track down Medivh
• Medivh in bad mood after fight with Aegwynn, immediately captured Garona
• She did not recognize the hooded stranger, only sense the darkness in him
• Medivh had not seen her on Draenor, sympathized with her as an outcast
• She had already begun to pick up the human language
• Garona had no love for the Horde, Medivh sought to have her as an ally
• He freed her, she could come back when she wanted, she reported to Gul’dan
• Gul’dan already knew, could see through Garona’s eyes without her knowing
• He had recognized Medivh, a bit disappointed that he was a human
• Once his usefulness was over, Gul’dan decided he would kill Medivh
• Still wanted location of Tomb of Sargeras, told Garona to find out from Medivh

Part 12: First Contact

• Rumors and reports reached Stormwind of strange green monsters
• Lothar dispatched to find out, engaged in skirmishes with orcs
• Humans winning at first but quickly outmatched by number of orcs
• Did not see Dark Portal, Lothar only knew orcs coming from somewhere
• Scouts reported back to Blackhand, humans were aware of them, begin war

Part 13: The Guardian’s Apprentice

• No one knew of battle with Aegywnn, nobles thought killed by orcs
• Council of Tirisfal and Kirin Tor occupied by orcish invasion
• Kirin Tor still sent another apprentice, Khadgar, to get information
• Young, promising, didn’t want to be apprentice to Medivh, ordered by Kirin Tor
• Tower cursed, Medivh had mood swings, Khadgar caught glimpses of spirits
• Khagdar did not fail tests like previous apprentices however
• Medivh, feeling alone, decided to keep his new apprentice around
• He revealed to Khadgar that he was the Guardian, Kirin Tor’s motives
• Khadgar surprised but not deterred, eager to study under greatest mage ever

Part 14: Specters and Shadows

• Khadgar received vision of himself as white-haired leader against green orcs
• Told Medivh, who feigned ignorance, they rode gryphons to Black Morass to see
• Orc warlock attacked with fel, Medivh urged Khadgar to fight back
• Khadgar struggled to defeat his enemy but ultimately succeeded
• Crossed Lothar, who wanted Medivh to join fight despite Gurubashi incident
• Medivh, to buy time for Horde, said he was uncertain about using his powers
• Lothar spoke to Khadgar, asked him to be caretaker for Medivh
• One day, Garona arrived at tower, Medivh treated her as a friend before Khadgar
• Khadgar developed friendship with Garona, believed she would betray Horde
• Khadgar realized Medivh was lying about not knowing about the orcs beforehand

Part 15: Banishment of the Frostwolves

• Blackhand kept the banished clans (WS, SH, BC) on Draenor
• Viewed as too troublesome, could stay and rot for all he cared
• Most remaining clans went through portal (BR, BTG, BH, BB, DM, TH, FW)
• Despite distrust of Blackhand/Gul’dan, Durotan brought his clan through
• Gul’dan confronted Durotan, told his clan to leave forever or be destroyed
• Drek’Thar, guided by Azeroth elements, sought place of refuge for orcs
• Had abandonned fel and asked forgiveness from the elemental spirits
• Guided to remote, frost-lined mountains in the far north like Frostfire Ridge

Part 16: The Horde Invades

• Blackhand sought to incite panic, attacked Brightwood, Westfall, Redridge
• Llane quickly decided no chance for de-escalation, must be head on war
• Lothar named King’s Champion, saw patterns in the orcish raiders’ movements
• Sent knight Gavinred the Dire to ambush orcs along their lines of retreat
• Clerics healed with Holy Light, magi used arcane, orcs astonished at power
• Swift knights on horseback proved especially difficult to combat
• Llane sent messages to other kingdoms asking for help but received none
• Lordaeron, mostly likely to send aid, had received contradicting information
• Disgruntled Stormwind noble told them it was merely citizens rebelling
• Other nations saw Stormwind’s isolationism as arrogant, sending no help

Part 17: Gurubashi Resistance

• Kilrogg and Bleeding Hollow led efforts to attack Stranglethorn Vale
• Trolls and Bleeding Hollow accustomed to jungles, but orcs outmatched
• Gurubashi willingly ceded land to draw orcs deeper into their territory
• Weakened from attack against Stormwind, trolls unable to keep up
• Blackhand ordered retreat upon learning of needless losses of orc life

Part 18: The Holy Order of the Northshire Clerics

• Members of the Holy Order accompanied battalions to help heal their wounds
• Traced their roots to the Church of the Holy Light in Lordaeron
• Established Northshire Abbey and became critical component of Stormwind
• Clerics had been present during conflicts such as Gnoll War and Gurubashi
• Some clerics were even known to heal wounded gnolls and trolls
• Orcs ruthlessly targeted clerics who they knew could heal a fallen human
• Church traces its origins back to the Troll Wars and human general Lordain
• He gave his life to hold off Amani forces, saving his sister Mereldar, a warrior
• She had visions from the Light and dedicated her life to serving humanity
• Saw visions of five strange forms humming with holy power
• Filled her mind with holiness, protection, justice, retribution, and compassion
• Used their teachings to cure ailments and heal up wounds
• Mereldar met with other humans who claimed to have seen visions
• Created religious movement based on selflessness and the virtue of the Light
• Lordaeron codified the different strands of religion to create the Church
• Humans had affinity for Light due to ancestry, vrykul wielded it sometimes
• Worship sites in Eastweald: Light’s Hope Chapel, Stratholme, Andorhal, Tyr’s Hand

Part 19: The Twilight Canticle

• Twilight’s Hammer prone to disobey orders, became pain for Blackhand
• Cho’gall intervened to prevent clan from being decimated
• Had been their de facto leader, asked to become their official leader
• Twilight’s Hammer became obedient, effective soldiers over night
• Cho’gall understood them, they had heard voices of Void louder than ever
• They knew Azeroth was home to creatures of the Void yearning to corrupt
• Twilight’s Hammer heard voices of Old Gods who dwelt below the earth
• They had found the place spoken of in the prophecy of Hour of Twilight
• Cho’gall originally cared little for the Void, now had proof of its existence
• Convinced the TH that the Hour of Twilight would follow Horde’s conquest
• Clan needed to keep its intentions a secret and obey Blackhand for now
• Cho’gall attuned to Old Gods, branded skin of Pale orcs with prophecies
• Twilight Canticle was book formed from pages of their cut off skin

Part 20: Frostwolf Defiance

• Continued moving north with guide of elements, avoided contact with humans
• Settled in the Alterac Mountains, Draka gave birth a son, Go’el
• Go’el’s skin was green, signaling to Durotan that the pact had cursed the orcs
• Horrified, determined to save the Horde, Durotan, Draka and Go’el go back south
• Drek’Thar sent word to Orgrim via elements, Orgrim to meet Durotan at Loch Modan
• Had learned of Shadow Council, Orgrim took a few guards and did not tell Blackhand
• Durotan revealed all—son Go’el, vision at Throne of Kil’jaeden, demon suspicions
• Orgrim admitted the Dark Portal’s energies were causing Morass to wither and die
• Durotan, Draka and Orgrim decide Gul’dan and Blackhand must be dealt with
• Orgrim told guards to accompany Durotan back north, he returned south for now
• Guards were not loyal to Orgrim, killed Durotan & Draka, Go’el left to die in cold
• Hunting party of Aedelas Blackmoore, noble of Durnhole Keep, found Go’el
• Go’el spent his entire adolescence under the care of Blackmoore
• Orgrim sent scouts who discovered what had transpired with Durotan and Draka
• Orgrim determined to avenge his friends, bided time waiting for opportunity

Part 21: Conquest of Redridge

• Stormwind running short on food and supplies, economy in ruins
• Blackhand to phase 2: take Redridge, then attack Stormwind City proper
• Redridge fell easily, making orcs think humans would no longer resist
• Lothar was hoping for this, ambushed small raid on Lakeshire led by Blackhand
• Almost all orcs killed, Blackhand saved thanks to two orc warlocks
• Blamed Shadow Council for not sensing ambush, had no respect for warlocks
• Two warlocks executed, Gul’dan displeased that his disciples were killed

Part 22: Blackrock Mountain

• Gul’dan unsure now, strong clans still on Draenor, weakened by long hunger
• Also learned about Medivh’s defense against trolls, Guardian, Council of Tirisfal
• Gul’dan recalled breaking the elements of Draenor to empower his orcs
• Azeroth teemed with elemental spirits much stronger than on Draenor
• Shadow Council sensed element in Blackrock Mountain, Cho’gall sensed too
• Cho’gall kept information secret, noticed elements were working for Old Gods
• Council traveled to mountain to subjugate elements, ended in disaster
• Warlocks were unable to dominate the elements, burned inside out by fire
• Dark Iron dwarves serving Ragnaros would ambush warlocks with elementals
• Cho’gall’s connection to Old Gods allowed him to negotiate with Dark Irons
• Warlocks and Shadow Council granted refuge in Blackrock Spire atop volcano
• Gul’dan disappointed by mission but pleased by Cho’gall’s usefulness
• Refuge was important because tensions rising between Blackhand and Gul’dan

Part 23: The First Siege of Stormwind

• Blackhand prepared to take Stormwind without help of elements
• Orcs laid siege, cutting off all access to city except by sea
• Kilrogg and Cho’gall led Bleeding Hollow and Twilight’s Hammer in assault
• City would seemingly fall by midday, then cries from orcs on rear lines
• Lothar had led bulk of army by sea around the Horde, charging through Elwynn
• Horde attack collapsed, gates of Stormwind opened to pour out soldiers
• No way to fight two-pronged attack, Horde suffered most disastrous defeat
• Blackhand, infuriated, restrained himself from executing Kilrogg & Cho’gall
• Horde withdrew to holdings in Redridge to regroup

Part 24: The Cursed Tower

• Lothar and Llane had acted on information from Khadgar, from Garona
• Gul’dan knew Garona revealed information but let her remain in Karazhan
• Details gleaned from Medivh were too valuable for Gul’dan
• Medivh seemingly lost ability to feel any emotion, worrying Khadgar
• Khadgar searched library, found spell to evoke visions of specific memories
• Khadgar unable to make the spell work as he wanted on Medivh
• Instead, used spell to see who had torn rift between Azeroth and Draenor
• Khadgar and Garona watched in horror of revelation about Medivh
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Part 25: Fall of the Guardian

• Medivh discovers what Khadgar and Garona know, they flee to Stormwind
• They meet Llane, Gul’dan seeing through Garona tries to have her kill him
• Garona resists the urge, not knowing it was coming from Gul’dan
• Llane did not believe that Medivh was evil, but Lothar trusted Khadgar
• Gavinred put in charge of Stormwind defense, Lothar, Khadgar, Garona leave
• Gul’dan panicked, had not yet discovered Tomb of Sargeras from Medivh
• Lothar and group arrive at Karazhan, Gul’dan reached out to Medivh’s mind
• Originally hard to penetrate his mind, Medivh’s defense faltered when distracted
• Sargeras assumed control, unleashed his full might on the intruders
• Sargeras tried to take control of Garona using Gul’dan’s spell on her
• Garona unable to distinguish friend and foe, Khadgar nearly killed
• Sargeras tried to rip out his soul, instead drained his life force and aged him
• Khadgar stabbed Medivh, forcing Sargera’s spirit into Twisting Nether
• Medivh’s last words were to thank Khadgar, realizing all that he had done
• Garona had already fled, no one knew where, no time to search for her
• Medivh’s death caused fel energy to explode, destroying region around it
• Brightwood would come to be known as Duskwood
• Gul’dan succeeding in gleaning location of Tomb of Sargeras
• Also discovered location of ancient relics of power across Azeroth
• Being in Medivh’s mind at his death left Gul’dan in a coma

Part 26: The Second Warchief

• Gul’dan’s coma shocked Shadow Council, Blackhand surprised but not unhappy
• Orgrim Doomhammer decided to seize moment of panic to overthrow Blackhand
• Challenged to mak’gora, calling Blackhand a traitor to the dark forces
• Blackhand could not refuse, could not command Council to assassinate Orgrim
• Dueled for hours, Orgrim finished by smashing BH’s skull with Doomhammer
• Orgrim proclaimed Warchief, vowed to expunge fel magic from Horde
• Meanwhile, Shadow Council had secretly fled to safety
• Orgrim had to deal with Stormwind immediately, no chance of returning to Draenor

Part 27: The Second Siege of Stormwind

• Orgrim considered calling banished clans to Azeroth, but no time
• Led full might of his army against Stormwind
• Horde breached city’s walls, soldiers kept them at bay for a time
• Llane received knews that Garona had arrived, Lothar and Khadgar still absent
• Encounter with Medivh had scrambled Garona’s thoughts
• Line between friend and foe blurred, her will faltered, no desire to kill Llane
• Could no longer disobey Gul’dan’s impulse, plunged dagger into his heart
• Prince Varian, a boy, witnessed, deeply tainted his perception of orcs forever
• Garona fled, death of king led to loss of morale, Horde set fire to the city
• Lothar and Khadgar return, Lothar assumes command, ordered evacuation
• He, Khadgar, Gavinred, Varian, and Queen Taria tried to flee the city
• Taria killed as they fled, others set sail from Stormwind harbor, war was over

Part 28: Scouring of the Shadow Council

• Orgrim had no means nor any desire to pursue Stormwind refugees
• Needed to secure land after heavy losses to Horde’s army
• Called on banished clans to come to Azeroth, would need time to arrive
• First step was to eradicate Shadow Council in order to establish control
• Had captured Garona as she fled, tortured her to learn of Council’s location
• At Blackrock Spire, no dwarves or elements, Old Gods wanted to see bloodshed
• Shadow Council only so powerful, eventually fel to the Horde’s warriors
• Cho’gall one of few to survive, argued his clan would fall to madness without him
• Swore allegiance to Orgrim, claiming to have been manipulated by Gul’dan
• Orgrim agreed, needing fighting power, introduced by Cho’gall to Dark Irons
• Dwarves agreed, at Ragnaros’s command, to let Horde take up residence
• Old Gods excited to see what chaos would be sown by Horde
• Garona spared, swore fealty, Eitrigg became her handler
• Bad news from Draenor: clans taken by bloodlust, fallen to fighting one another

Part 29: The Demon Soul

• Dragons largely absent from fighting during the First War
• World protected by aspects: Alexstrasza, Neltharion, Nozdorum, Ysera, Malygos
• Could not help world now, still reeling from a betrayal thousands of years ago
• During War of Ancients, aspects had aided in fight against the Legion
• All but Neltharion sacrificed portion of power to create weapon, the Dragon Soul
• Neltharion under influence of Old Gods, presented weapon as a gift to aspects
• Neltharion used Dragon Soul to destroy scores of demons, then turned on dragons
• Betrayal broke unity of dragons, earned Neltharion nickname: Deathwing
• Aspects recovered Soul, could not recover power, hid it away in remote Redridge
• Enchantments placed to prevent Deathwing or any other dragon from touching
• Nozdormu, bronze aspect, rarely emerged from timeways now
• Ysera, green aspect, spent much time monitoring health of Emerald Dream
• Malygos, blue aspect, secluded in Nexus and lost to madness
• Alexstrasza, red aspect, rarely intervened in mortal affairs, watched for Deathwing
• Deathwing fell into slumber, metal plates attached to body which was falling apart
• Other aspects hunted Deathwing’s children to near extinction at this time
• Magic used to open Dark Portal awoke Deathwing, thought he could use the orcs
• During First War, Old Gods urged Deathwing to take small steps to aid orcs
• Disguised as Stormwind noble, visited Lordaeron and dispelled rumors of orcs
• Told Lordaeron nobles that Stormwind was only experiencing unrest, ignore pleas
• Used magic to manipulate minds of those who still wanted to help Stormwind
• Disguised as Blackrock orc, lived among them for months unnoticed
• Gul’dan thought he was loyal, Blackhand though proud orc, Orgrim thought ally
• Deathwing pleased at Council’s demise, chance to weaken Legion for Old Gods
• Worried the other aspects would become aware of orcs and come to stop them
• Wanted to find Dragon Soul, could use orcs to wield since he could not
• Granted visions to chief Zuluhed of Dragonmaw, showed clan taming dragons
• Dragonmaw longed to return to skies as they had with their rylaks
• Guided Zuluhed to Redridge where Dragon Soul guarded by red Orastrasz
• Dragon slain, warlock Nekros Skullcrusher broke magical defenses
• Sensed fel taint left over from War of Ancients, renamed it Demon Soul
• Alexstrasza sensed wards broken, flew south straight into Deathwing’s trap

Part 30: Council of Seven Nations

• Stormwind refugees fled north, King Terenas Menethil II heard of news
• Lothar warned Terenas of Horde, argued kingdoms must be unified
• Terenas called meeting of human rulers, not seen the likes for long time
• Genn Greymane (Gilneas), Daelin Proudmoore (Kul Tiras), Antonidas (Dalaran)
• Thoras Trollbane (Stromgarde), Aiden Perenolde (Alterac)
• Proudmoore, Antonidas, and Trollbane agreed to create an alliance
• Greymane and Perenolde more difficult to convince due to Deathwing’s rumors
• Ultimately became Council of Seven Nations, Horde began preparing for war
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Part 1: Arming the Horde

• Orgrim dreamed of orcs being able to return to tradition, time before fel magic
• Scouts reported of gathering of humans near Lordaeron, no time to reminisce
• Considered destroying Lordaeron, strongest human nation, to deal a great blow
• Army and resources sapped following First War, lack of armaments
• Zuluhed had given Demon Soul to Nekros, but powers still not unlocked
• Allied with Amani trolls, who were pleased to learn of Stormwind’s fall
• Trolls asked for help liberate Warlord Zul’jin from prison in Hillsbrad
• Planned to kill Gul’dan when he awoke, but Gul’dan was to propose new weapon

Part 2: The Warlock’s Gambit

• Gul’dan awoke to find Shadow Council destroyed, Orgrim as Warchief
• Pleaded for life, pledged loyalty to Horde, would abandon fel magic as well
• Proposed creating new warriors who could go toe-to-toe with human sorcerers
• Orgrim have chance to Gul’dan, desperate but recognizing the risk
• Gul’dan considered killing Orgrim, but then heard voice of Kil’jaeden
• Sargeras commaned Kil’jaeden to recontact Gul’dan after years of silence
• Orgrim was to remain alive, had proven to be a capable leader after Stormwind
• Promised more power to Gul’dan if he would help Horde complete its goals
• Kil’jaeden had intention of fulfilling this promise but Gul’dan did not trust him
• Gul’dan plotted to find the Tomb of Sargeras to seize power for himself
• Needed allies to be able to take this power, so wanted to create new clan
• Asked permission to create Stormreaver clan so his activities could be monitored
• Stormreavers to be on front lines of battle, Orgrim planted spies among them

Part 3: The Death Knights

• Gul’dan wanted to bring back Shadow Council spirits to serve him
• Worked with Cho’gall to recover gathered disembodied souls of Council
• Considered orc bodies, but knew orcs would not allow such desecration
• Decided upon placing Council spirits in the corpses of fallen humans
• Fel was outlawed, so he chose to transform his soldiers into necromancers
• First death knight, Teron Gorefiend, created from soul of Teron’gor
• Necrolytes had proven unsuccessful, sacrificed to reanimate death knights
• DKs needed no food or rest, could drain life and raise dead reinforcements
• Orgrim disgusted but acknowledged that they were at least not fel creatures
• Blackrocks charged with guarding DKs, Gul’dan and co. to be killed after war
• Death knights proved loyal neither to Orgrim nor Gul’dan, only themselves
• Orcs still needed to replenish supplies/arms, sights turned to Khaz Modan

Part 4: Invasion of Khaz Modan

• Bronzebeard dwarves had lived in Ironforge for over two thousand years
• Surrounding region rich with oil and ore, filled with dwarven forges
• Blizzard, collapsed tunnel slowed orcs approach, dwarves rallied gnomes
• Orcs pushed dwarves and gnomes back to cities of Ironforge and Gnomeregan
• Horde assaulted Ironforge but to no avail, almost all dwarves took up arms
• Eventually, Orgrim gave up since he had captured resources he needed
• Blackrocks began mining ore and Bleeding Hollow guarded Ironforge gates

Part 5: Tides of Darkness

• To reach Lordaeron, needed to cross swamp Wetlands and Thandol Span
• Span likely heavily guarded, decided to build fleet and sail around
• Orcs not seafaring people, many skeptical of Orgrim’s plan to go by sea
• Gul’dan and Stormreavers urged Horde to go by sea and follow Orgrim
• Orgrim welcome assistance but stayed wary of Gul’dan’s intentions
• Ogres helped construct juggernauts in bay in southwestern Wetlands
• Amani trolls helped instruct in ways of crafting small, swift boats
• Steamwheedle Cartel of goblins saw fall of Stormwind, approached orcs
• Goblins could provide technology, maps, information for the right price
• Blackhand would have enslaved goblins, Orgrim saw them as equals
• Goblins paid with gold recovered from Stormwind, useless to orcs
• Goblins, ogres, and trolls set to work, ships to be camouflage from humans
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Part 6: Alliance of Lordaeron

• Dwarf and gnome refugees arrived in Lordaeron with news of orcs’ attack
• Greymane and Perenolde continued to resist calls to form the Alliance
• Feared losing autonomy, threatened to leave the Council of Seven Nations
• Turalyon, venerated priest of Lordaeron, did not want to watch squabbling
• Brought Prince Varian before Council, asking them to forget their differences
• Failure to unite would lead to demise, unity could change history forever
• Swayed Greymane and Perenolde, voted unanimously for Alliance of Lordaeron
• Anduin Lothar chosen to command since no political ties to northern kingdoms
• Lothar rallied Alliance forces and ordered them to gather in Hillsbrad Foothills

Part 7: Order of the Silver Hand

• Lothar needed means to unite humans from disparate nations and cultures
• Clerics seemed obvious, but they hadn’t fared well during First War
• Archbishop Alonsus Faol proposed creating new order of martial clerics
• Chose great knights, created paladins and the Order of the Silver Hand
• Paladins: Turalyon, Saidan Dathrohan, Tirion Fordring, Uther, Gavinrad the Dire
• City of Stratholme later served as base of operations for paladins
• Faol taught them to use the Light to smite their enemies and comfort allies
• Instructed to live simple lives, not to seek fortune or glory in war
• Faol gave five enchanted librams that represented core traits of Silver Hand
• Turalyon (prot), Uther (justice), Tirion (retri), Saidan (holy), Gavinrad (compassion)
• Lothar pleased by work, asked Uther and Turalyon to be his lieutenants

Part 8: The Binding of Alexstrasza

• Life-Binder and her dragons continued searching for Dragon Soul
• Found orcs just as they were assaulting Khaz Modan
• Alexstrasza wanted to help dwarves and gnomes but finding Soul paramount
• Descended on Nekros, thinking he could not have unlocked Soul’s power
• Deathwing had helped him, used secret power to enslave Alexstrasza
• Could not control all dragons himself, so Alex suffered when reds approached
• Red dragons bound to orcs will or else Alex tortured or killed

Part 9: Grim Batol

• Orgrim charged Nekros with taking Grim Batol, fortress in Wetlands
• Once belonged to Wildhammer dwarves, but abandoned long ago
• War between Dark Iron and Wildhammer caused fortress to be haunted
• Dark Iron sorceress Modgud, on dying breath, cursed entire city
• Alexstrasza and other red dragons forced into Grim Batol’s depths
• Alex began laying eggs while imprisoned, Nekros wanted to hatch them
• Deathwing pleased at Alex’s suffering, continued advising Nekros

Part 10: The Arathi Bloodline

• Lothar sought aid from ancient and poweful high elves of Quel’Thalas
• Union of humans and elves against Amani trolls long before
• Elves swore oath to King Thoradin and all of his bloodline
• Lothar carried Thoradin’s blood, beseeched elves to honor their pact
• King Anasterian Sunstrider initially only sent small contingent of troops
• Had heard rumors of orcs in south but did not consider them a threat
• Ranger-Captain Alleria Windrunner, against orders, also went to humans
• Arriving in Hillsbrad, Lothar received news of orcs preparing to come by sea
• Orcs to landfall in Hillsbrad, Lothar called on Proudmoore and Alliance navy
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Part 11: Seas of Fire

• Orgrim believed orcs would reach Lordaeron before humans built defense
• Admiral Daelin Proudmoore intercepted orcs near island of Zul’Dare
• Orc ships crude, Proudmoore thought of wolf crossing paths with injured lamb
• Proudmoore blew first ship apart, realized he could end the war at sea
• Nekros arrived with aerial support from dragons to counter Alliance navy
• Reluctantly, Nekros dispatched three untrained red dragons for Orgrim
• Set fire to Alliance ships, Proudmoore called for retreat and ships scattered

Part 12: Battle of Hillsbrad Foothills

• Horde made landfall in Hillsbrad uncontested after Alliance naval retreat
• Dragons refused to follow since Nekros not present to give commands
• Had only be ordered to protect ships, would not kill anymore humans
• Orgrim left dragons, planned to march across Alterac Mountains to Capital City
• Lothar blocked northern and western routes to city, soldiers terrified
• Holy paladins rode through army, filling troops with hope and courage
• Orcs war drums announced arrival, smashed into human troops with war cries
• First full-out assault in history between the Horde and the Alliance
• Alleria unleashed arrows, Lothar with paladins, Khadgar with magi
• Evil fog covered battlefield, slain humans rose and attacked their allies
• Death knights rode at the head of undead army
• Orgrim watched with mix of displeasure and satisfaction, still wary
• Alliance horrifed, began to crumble, blazing white light appeared from paladins
• Holy energy struck down undead and swept away corrosive fog
• Alliance regrouped, evenly matched but no for long, Orgrim grew concerned
• Orgrim called on Amani to guide them east through mountains to Lordaeron

Part 13: The Amani Pact

• Trolls reluctant to help orcs until Orgrim honored his word to free Zul’jin
• Discovered location of troll warlord in prison of Durnholde Keep
• Doomhammer led troops to take prison, freed Zul’jin with ease
• Zul’jin feared losing authority, Orgrim assured him trolls would not be servants
• Zul’jin and his trolls to stand as equals with the orcs
• If Amani committed to Horde, Horde must help destroy elves of Quel’Thalas
• Orgrim did not want to move so far north, but he had no choice but to agree
• Horde turned east, Varok Saurfang commaned rearguard of Blackrock orcs
• Bought Horde time to cross Hillsbrad and funnel through pass into Hinterlands
• Trolls guided orcs through mountains, Zul’jin rallied trolls on way
• Winged shadows appeared, not dragons but gryphons and Wildhammer dwarves

Part 14: On Wings of Thunder

• Wildhammers kept watch on Hinterlands from home in Aerie Peak
• Kinship with gryphons, adept shamans, lighting-infused stormhammers
• So independent they knew nothing of approaching Horde into Hinterlands
• Thane Kurdran bombarded Horde with hammers then took back to skies
• Without dragons who had been left behind, orcs had no way to fight
• Orgrim led assault on Aerie Peak, forcing Kurdran and dwarves to land
• Orgrim and half Horde continued north while others stayed to occupy dwarves
• Lothar arrived in Hinterlands to lend aid to dwarves with humans and elves
• Assault changed Kurdran’s people, now knew of threat and wanted to stop it
• Kurdran pledged allegiance of his Wildhammer gryphon riders to Alliance
• Turalyon sent with army to track down Orgrim, rest remained to deal with Horde
• Other kingdoms secured, Perenolde had barricaded mountain passes of Alterac

Part 15: Garona’s Escape

• Throughout Second War, Garona lived under eye of Blackrock warrior Eitrigg
• Initially saw him as mindless warrior, fanatic, but saw glimmer of pride, honor
• Told him everything of Gul’dan and Shadow Council to win his trust
• Revealed knowledge of demons and true purpose of Horde to weaken Azeroth
• Eitrigg treated her words as lie, why trust Gul’dan’s assassin?
• As chaos engulfed Horde in Hinterlands, Garona slipped into forest and vanished
• Eitrigg considered chasing her, but waging war on Alliance more important
• Part of him sympathized with her as long as she didn’t turn blades on Horde
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Part 16: The Elven Runestones

• Orgrim led army toward Quel’Thalas, stopped at Zul’Aman for allies
• Horde decimated kingdom’s outer holdings in short order
• Further north, death knights and witch doctors unable to use their magic
• Gul’dan discovered powerful magical barrier, Ban’dinoriel, “the Gatekeeper”
• Tied to series of monolithic Runestones, prevented detecting arcane magic
• Gul’dan said dismantle Runestone to disrupt barrier and empower Horde
• Stormreavers reported no signs of betrayal because Gul’dan controlled them
• Gul’dan preparing to leave Horde, had Stormreavers and Twilight’s Hammer
• Needed more power to fend off Orgrim, wanted Quel’Thalas’s relics
• Chiseled away at Runestones build structures called Altar of Storms
• Ancient Highmaul ritual to channel arcane energy into two-headed ogres
• Cho’gall knew technique, used it to transform his ogres, who became powerful
• Now Gul’dan had what he needed, only had to wait for right time
• Had also learned of other artifacts from Medivh, but never got to seek them out
• Did reveal their existence to his death knights

Part 17: Ashes of Quel’Thalas

• Runestones desecrated, death knights and trolls regained their magic
• Horde stormed toward Silvermoon, pillaging and destroying countryside
• King Anasterian called on great elf magi and rangers to fight
• Turalyon and Alleria arrived with half the Alliance army
• Alleria met with king, urged him to send more aid to the Alliance forces
• Furious about Horde attack, Anasterian pledged full forces to Alliance
• Hope of quick victory vanished in smoke as red dragons arrived
• Dragonmaw had finally learned to ride captive dragons into battle
• Gryphon riders, unused to dragons, forced to retreat
• Dragons took no joy in destruction, wept from sorrow as they slaughtered
• Roaring firestorm caused elf defenders to take shelter in Silvermoon City
• Anasterian had no physical weapon to stop invaders, but had something else
• Elves summoned barrier around city using Sunwell, fount of magic power
• Horde smashed against shield, but even red dragons’ fire could not pierce it
• Orgrim impatient, destroying Quel’Thalas not priority, Lordaeron was
• Troll pact not honored, but new, powerful ogres and red dragons arrived
• Orgrim began planning route to Lordaeron that would catch Alliance by surprise

Part 18: Alterac’s Betrayal

• Failing to breach Silvermoon, Orgrim ordered troops to pull back west
• Rather than take fortified routes, Orgrim to take Horde across mountains
• Zul’jin furious, refused to leave without destroying elves of Silvermoon
• Gul’dan sensed Orgrim’s mounting fear of losing trolls as allies
• Convinced Orgrim and Zul’jin that Stormreavers found way to remove barrier
• Orgrim left Gul’dan to remove barrier, but Dragonmaw stayed to watch
• If barrier had not fallen in three days, Dragonmaw to force Gul’dan west
• Orgrim plagued by doubts, things not according to plan since Hillsbrad
• In Alterac Mountains, King Perenolde awaited orcs with offer of allegiance
• Fearful of orcs, dragons, and death knights, Perenolde decided to betray Alliance
• Alterac to be spared if Perenolde granted safe passage to the Horde
• Orgrim agreed, Horde continue marching south to Tirisfal Glade without rest

Part 19: The Siege of Capital City

• Turalyon had suspected orcs would pivot west, fears finally confirmed
• Alterac would slow orcs, Turalyon took bulk of forces west to follow Orgrim
• Horde had already reach capital, word of betrayal reached Turalyon
• King Terenas defended capital, not a warrior but man of charisma and cunning
• Horde began whittling away at city, but needed reinforcement clans in Quel’Thalas
• No word yet from Stormreavers, Twilight’s Hammer, or Dragonmaw clans
• Orgrim sensed something not right, unease deepened at Turalyon’s arrival
• Horde must breach stronghold because Alliance armies en route to capital
• Dragonmaw arrived announcing Gul’dan had betrayed them
• Gul’dan, Stormreavers, and Twilight’s Hammer gone to orcish fleet in Hillsbrad
• News of Perenolde’s betrayal meant mountain passes blocked by Alliance
• Horde could no longer call on reinforcements from the Hinterlands
• Orgrim knew war was lost, furiously called troops off and back to Khaz Modan
• Dragonmaw dispatched to call Horde back from Hinterlands
• If possibility of regrouping in Khaz Modan, Horde might still have a chance
• Dragon riders covered retreat, Black Tooth Grin sent to hunt down Gul’dan
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Part 20: In Search of Godhood

• Gul’dan told followers of plans to seek out Tomb of Sargeras, promising power
• Almost all Stormreavers and Twilight’s Hammer supported, but some holdouts
• Amani trolls not interested, continued siege of Silvermoon City
• Dragonmaw defied him, but risk of mutual annihilation made them back off
• In Hillsbrad, Gul’dan commandeered Horde ships and sailed west
• Black Tooth Grin caught up, took rest of ships and followed them west
• Kil’jaeden, infuriated, prepared to strike down his former agent single-handedly
• Sargeras ordered him to stand down, punish Gul’dan with what was in the Tomb
• Let Gul’dan see the power available to him, then rip it away at last minute

Part 21: The Tomb of Sargeras

• Based on info gleaned from Medivh’s mind, Gul’dan plotted course for Tomb
• Closer to Tomb, waves and storms rose, as if nature itself attacking warlock
• Gul’dan could sense the godly energies emanating from the Tomb
• Tomb rested at bottom of sea, required combined effort to raise it
• Gul’dan led ritual, weaving his allies magic into a single spell
• Rocky island rose from ocean, colossal Tomb of Sargeras at its center
• Black Tooth Grin approached, no time for preparations, needed power in Tomb
• Cho’gall and Twilight’s Hammer ordered to hold off enemies approach
• Gul’dan and allies hurried into Tomb, discovered they were not alone
• Aegwynn had imprisoned some of demon followers along with Sargeras’s avatar
• Demons unable to escape thanks to Guardian’s seals, fed on avatar’s power
• At Sargeras’s command, demons lept out and ripped Gul’dan to shreds
• Few Stormreaver’s survived, able to recover their master’s skull before leaving
• Led by Dal’rend and Maim, Black Tooth Grin fought against Twilight’s Hammer
• Cho’gall suffered wounds, rescued by followers and sailed west from island
• Black Tooth Grin recovered skull of Gul’dan and sailed away from island

Part 22: The Liberation of Khaz Modan

• Horde continued retreat to Khaz Modan, forced to go on foot to Thandol Span
• Lothar and Turalyon rallied, combining forces and following Horde
• Dragon riders returned with news from Black Tooth Grin
• Clan still had ships on the sea, so no hope of retreat by ship
• If dwarves and gnomes joined, Horde would be unable to hold Khaz Modan
• Messenger dispatched to gather reinforcements from Draenor
• Ordered soldiers to gather in Blackrock Spire to wait for reinforcements
• Kilrogg and Bleeding Hollow, still guarding Ironforge, would delay Alliance
• Rallied Zuluhed, ordered Nekros to move dragons from Grim Batol to Spire
• Some dragon riders sent to inform Black Tooth Grin of rendezvous point
• Alliance soldiers were exhausted, but paladins helped keep them motivated
• Alliance easily defeated Bleeding Hollow, liberating Ironforge and Gnomeregan
• Both pledged loyalty to alliance, lending their hammers and technology
• For the first time in the war, all noble races of Eastern Kingdoms united

Part 23: Battle of Crestfall

• Dal’rend and Maim ordered Black Tooth Grin to sail to Horde-controlled Stormwind
• From there, orcs would travel back to Blackrock Spire by land
• Admiral Proudmoore, waiting near island of Crestfall, overtook Horde fleet
• Proudmoore outmanoeuvred ships as before, Horde sent down dragons as before
• Proudmoore did not retreat, Wildhammer arrived to provide aerial support
• Gryphons kept dragons occupied, stormhammers and dragon fire igniting the air
• Dal’rend and Maim’s ship escaped intact, but others sunk by Proudmoore
• Alliance won decisive victory at sea, Horde navy gone, Alliance navy damaged
• Admiral Proudmoore’s son had died, would never forget and always hated orcs
• Meanwhile, Anasterian pushed back trolls from Silvermoon City in costly battles
• Would later withdraw from Alliance, saying elves were abandoned in time of need
• Not all high elves believed that, but enough did

Part 24: The Siege of Blackrock Spire

• Orgrim watched Alliance march into Burning Steppes, surround Blackrock Mountain
• Dragon riders, Black Tooth Grin, and Draenor reinforcements still not arrived
• Despairing, Orgrim ready to die to save his people from going back to Draenor
• Stoked fires of Horde’s bloodlust with one last rallying call
• Alliance siege engines hammered mountains, gates suddenly sprang open
• Orgrim cut through Alliance to Lothar, no illusions of winning by force alone
• Killing orc chieftain could often break clan, killing human leader might do same
• Alliance caught off guard, Lothar and Orgrim caught in hand-to-hand combat
• Orgrim mightier, shattered Lothar’s shield, Lothar fell to his knees
• Orgrim crushed Lothar’s skull, inspiring orcs, causing despair in Alliance
• Turalyon did not despair, unleashed holy power, Light blinded all around
• Took up Lothar’s blade and knocked the warchief unconscious
• For Azeroth, For the Alliance, For Lothar!
• Orcs scattered, some went north, east, west, back to Portal
• Alliance did not slaughter left over orcs, put them in chains, including Orgrim
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Part 25: Destruction of the Dark Portal

• Some Horde fled to Dark Portal, led by Teron’gor and death knights
• Little known about gateway, Turalyon hounded them to find out more
• Battle outside portal in Black Morass one of most desperate in war
• Gorefiend and death knights held off Alliance while orcs fled through Portal
• Turalyon did not pursue, not knowing what awaited on the other side
• Called on Khadgar and magi to destroy Portal, prevent Horde from returning
• Magi began spell, unraveled Portal, pulling apart each ethereal thread
• Backlash of energies shattered stone frame in explosion of arcane light
• Dark Portal closed, war was over, Alliance had won

Part 26: Fracturing of the Horde

• Gorefiend reported to orcs on Draenor, Portal closed, all was lost
• Powerful clans remained on Draenor, went into bloodlust upon learning this
• Kilrogg and Bleeding Hollow had not made it to Blackrock Spire in time
• Portal too heavily guarded, so Bleeding Hollow pulled back into wilds
• Dragonmaw had not arrived on time either, retreated to Grim Batol
• Continued breeding and training dragons within their fortress
• Dal’rend and Maim led other survivors to Spire once Alliance cleared out
• They despised Orgrim, especially for mak’gora with Blackhand
• Planned to reforge Horde in their own image, Kilrogg ignored “false” Horde
• Dragonmaw pledged support, lending dragons if ever needed
• Eitrigg wandered alone in shame, reflecting on Garona, searching for place to die

Part 27: The Cost of War

• Alliance celebrated their victory, realized world would never be the same
• Survivors struggled to find peace, horrors haunted those who witnessed war
• Turalyon haunted, death of Lothar weighed on him, became Supreme Commander
• Alliance kingdoms gathered in Lordaeron, pledged funds to rebuild, not Alterac
• Alleria and Turalyon had grown fond of each other during war, were in love
• Pledged to support Stormwind, Terenas to help Varian take throne
• Many refugees refused to return to Stormwind, stayed in Lordaeron for new lives
• Varian and Turalyon returned to Stormwind to rebuild
• Paladins continued to work in Lordaeron to help sick, strengthen Church

Part 28: Orc Internment Camps

• Alleria spent days hunting down orcs for revenge for Quel’Thalas
• Alliance hunters continued to kill, capture some orcs
• Gilneas and Stromgarde argued to have orc prisoners executed
• Lordaeron against, mercy made Alliance more honorable than Horde
• Lordaeron, Dalaran lobby for internment, magi wanted to study orcs
• Alliance agreed to camps, Danath Trollbane of Stromgarde to oversee
• Cost of maintaining camps continued to be sticking point for Gilneas
• Camp outside Durnhole Keep delegated to control of Aedelas Blackmoore
• Had continued raising infant Go’el under the name Thrall
• Plotted to mold Thrall into obedient general to lead orcs against Alliance
• Hoped to assert dominion over human nations and become king

Part 29: Nethergarde Keep

• Khadgar watched over ruins of Dark Portal, uncertain of its destruction
• Fel magic continued seeping into Azeroth, destroying land
• Dimensional rift lingered, connection between Azeroth and Draenor still there
• Magi held fel at bay, Alliance build stronghold of Nethergarde Keep
• Khadgar and other magi worked from keep to neutralize fel
• Often mused about what lay… BEYOND THE DARK PORTAL
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Part 1: Reforging the Horde (8 years after the Dark Portal)

• Stark life for orcs on Draenor, Warsong and Shattered Hand wanted violence
• Ner’zhul, having remained on Draenor, still held lands in Shadowmoon Valley
• Had fallen into despair, visions of dead orcs, skull tatooed on face like Pale
• Teron Gorefiend remembered ancient relics spoken about by Gul’dan
• Gorefiend planned to retrieve three relics of power
• Book of Medivh: tome of power, detailed blending different types of magic
• Eye of Dalaran: crafted by Kirin Tor, could amplify and focus magical energies
• Scepter of Sargeras: could open gateways between worlds, crafted by Legion
• Gorefiend and death knights cared only for themselves, wanted to conquer world
• With artifacts, orcs could create portals to other worlds in order to conquer
• Did not know of artifacts exact locations, would also need Horde’s help
• Gul’dan’s former allies not trusted, especially the death knights
• Only Ner’zhul had influence to rally and lead clans of Draenor
• Ner’zhul resisted offer, did not trust death knights any more than he had Gul’dan
• Gorefiend persisted, Ner’zhul relented, decaying of Draenor was imminent
• Gathered remaining chieftains: Grommash, Kargath, Fenris, they thirsted for battle
• Opening Portal first time required lots of power, restoring it now much simpler
• Gorefiend told Ner’zhul to use lingering power in skull of Gul’dan
• Skull had been passed between orcs as prized trinket, now claimed by Ner’zhul

Part 2: Return of Garona

• Garona wandered alone after Second War, still resisting Shadow Council’s impulses
• Confident she could resist, she decided to find only person she trusted: Khadgar
• Infiltrated Nethergarde Keep during night, had not seen each other since Medivh
• Confessed to killing Llane, Khadgar believed her that she had been compelled
• Could sense Shadow Council’s magic still woven in her thoughts
• Knew at least one member of Shadow Council still alive on Azeroth
• Over several months, Khadgar worked to unravel Council’s hold on Garona
• Finally free, Garona vowed to hunt down Shadow Council on Azeroth

Part 3: Fel Omens

• Khadgar, sensing energies from rift, summoned Alliance leaders to Nethergarde Keep
• Leaders reluctant to come, kingdoms still rebuilding, but they came anyways
• Southern half of Black Morass now wasteland known as Blasted Lands
• Northern half of Black Morass named Swamp of Sorrows to honor the fallen
• Warned leaders that fel energies surging, someone attempting to open Portal
• Leaders gave full support to Khadgar, Turalyon coordinated military from Stormwind
• Tasked Danath Trollbane with leading small army to Blasted Lands
• Turalyon to rally rest of Alliance forces and march south

Part 4: Reopening the Dark Portal

• Drawing on skull’s energy, Ner’zhul succeeded in opening rift after few weeks
• Grommash led Warsong, Shattered Hand, Laughing Skull, and Thuderlords
• Soldiers invaded Blasted Lands accompanied by Gorefiend and death knights
• Orcs constructed physical frame for Portal so no need for constant influx of power
• Kilrogg and Bleeding Hollow had been watching Blasted Lands for signs of return
• Kilrogg informed of what happened since war, sent back to Draenor for rest
• Trollbane’s small army stood little chance against sheer numbers of orcs
• Danath only member of army to survive, fled back to Nethergarde Keep
• Danath confident he could hold orcs until Alliance reinforcements arrived
• Orcs not numerous enough for full invasion, but had different objective
• Horde seemingly prepared for assault, but Gorefiend went searching for artifacts
• Death knights and Fenris went too, all unnoticed by the Alliance
• Garona noticed, began tracking them to discern what they were searching for

Part 5: Lord Daval Prestor

• Deathwing had gone into hiding shortly following Second War
• Plan had failed, orcs had no conquered, but red dragons still held prisoners
• Other dragons not taken action for fear of falling to the Demon Soul
• Deathwing sensed Portal reopening, realized orc invasion was only a feint
• Decided to manipulate humans once again, Alliance still angry with Alterac
• Debates about whether kingdom to be punished or should cease to exist
• Disguised as Lord Daval Prestor, cousin of Perenolde, joined debates in Lordaeron
• Prestor advised Terenas to establish martial law in Alterac until succession settled
• Move split attention of Alliance army, weakening response to Horde’s invasion
• Humans found Prestor charming, thought he was acting with best interest for Alliance
• Deathwing desired to reestablish black dragonflight, perhaps beyond Azeroth
• Draenor safe from eyes of Alliance and other dragonflights

Part 6: The Book of Medivh

• Gorefiend knew only of Book of Medivh’s location, located in Alterac
• Traveled to Blackrock Spire to make contact with Dal’rend and Maim
• Gorefiend needed their alliance with Dragonmaw to have access to dragons
• Meeting disastrous, Dal’rend declared himself warchief of “true Horde”
• Considered Ner’zhul coward and usurper, had no intention of helping his plans
• Gorefiend left without dragons but soon approached by Deathwing
• Deathwing to give black dragons in exchange for moving precious items to Draenor
• Told Gorefiend location of other artifacts (Dalaran and Tomb of Sargeras)
• Gorefiend could not refuse, split group into three parties with black dragons
• Book of Medivh most difficult to get, so Gorefiend went to get it personally
• Alliance in Alterac unprepared for dragons, soldiers fled upon seeing them
• Gorefiend found Perenolde, who was slipping into madness making demands
• Deathwing made Perenolde lose mind so he could not contradict Lord Prestor
• Gorefiend humored Perenolde, agreed to wipe out Alliance for the artifact
• Left king alive, honored his world and completely wiped out the Alliance garrison
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Part 7: Revelations

• Fighting at Nethergarde stalemate, Turalyon, Khadgar, and Danath held orcs
• Could not shake impression that orcs were not sending their full force
• More reinforcements arrived, siege became pushing orcs back into Blasted Lands
• Orcs maintained skirmish line for no reason, sacrified warriors to gain useless land
• Khadgar theorized Horde was buying time, invasion just a distraction
• Captured orc, Turalyon used Holy Light to draw out information from captive
• Orc revealed that small raiding parties had gone out to search for artifacts of power

Part 8: The Eye of Dalaran

• Gorefiend joined forces at Dalaran, discovered they still hadn’t recovered artifact
• Kirin Tor magi had cast wards on Eye, keeping it from being sensed from afar
• However, Eye not totally undetectable, Deathwing could sense
• Sent black dragons to attack for distraction, group of death knights to sneak in
• Gorefiend and knights snuck through streets of Dalaran, found Eye in a vault
• Breaking seals on vault attracted attention of Archmage Antonidas
• Antonidas and magi fought death knights in vault, Gorefiend’s group escaped
• Antonidas gave chase, but once Gorefiend reached dragons, nothing to be done

Part 9: The Scepter of Sargeras

• Third group going to Tomb of Sargeras could not make journey only with dragons
• No small islands for dragons to rest on during the trip
• Decided to steal ships from harbor where Orgrim had constructed Horde fleet
• Harbor under Alliance control now, renamed Menethil Harbor to honor king
• Many ships available, but most under command of Admiral Daelin Proudmoore
• Despite risks, only chance was element of surprise, Alliance not ready for dragons
• However, Garona had followed hunting party sent to Tomb of Sargeras
• Could not warn humans directly because they would not trust her word, wrote a note
• When dragons finally descended, humans were not totally unprepared
• Only managed to steal few ships, dragons burned any vessels that tried to follow
• Garona could not follow, returned to Blasted Lands to tell Khadgar what transpired
• Voyage to Tomb was slow, miserable, had to face demons at Tomb, many losses
• Recovered Scepter of Sargeras, only a few raiders returned to Eastern Kingdoms
• Raiders reunited with Gorefiend, who prepared to return to Draenor
• Deathwing had brought crates of precious cargo to be taken to Draenor
• Cargo enchanted to be disguised for orc eyes, turned out to be black dragon eggs

Part 10: The Sons of Lothar

• Gorefiend suspected Alliance would invade Draenor, left large contingent of orcs
• Force composed mainly of Warsong, including Grommash, and Rexxar’s mok’nathal
• Departure noticed by Alliance, Khadgar pieced together what was happening
• Found out full plan after bombarding captured death knight with arcane magic
• Turalyon and Khadgar feared not enough soldiers willing to go to Draenor
• Turalyon raised banner, saying Sons of Lothar to end Horde forever on Draenor
• Most Alliance answered call, Alleria, Danath, Kurdran brought their forces
• Garona wanted to go, but Khadgar convinced her to stay and hunt Shadow Council
• Sons of Lothar forced through Hellscream’s forces, forcing them to scatter
• Alliance expedition went through Portal to witness hellish Hellfire Peninsula
• No resistance first few days, orcs had not expected invasion force to follow

Part 11: A Deal with Dragons

• Gorefiend brought his haul to Hellfire Citadel where Ner’zhul waited
• Ner’zhul surprised at cargo, three relics plus some suspicious carts…
• Deathwing and black dragons come through Portal disguised as orcs
• Deathwing emanated power, terrified Ner’zhul, demanded skull of Gul’dan
• Ner’zhul balked but could not refuse, offered up skull, having already used it
• Deathwing wanted to use skull’s energy to empower dragons and accelerate growth
• Deathwing left portion of dragonflight to protect Hellfire Citadel from Alliance
• Left Hellfire Citadel, settled on Gorgrond as place to hide clutch of dragon eggs
• Ner’zhul needed location for ritual, chose place of ley line convergences
• Went to Black Temple, took bulk of Horde, left Kargath and Shattered Hand

Part 12: Assault on Hellfire Citadel

• Khadgar and Turalyon agreed stopping Ner’zhul was highest priority
• Believing him still in Citadel, Sons of Lothar led all-out offensive on fortress
• Orcs hoped to hold Alliance for a week, defenses fell before end of first day
• Even with dragons, no hope of defending against gryphon riders and soldiers
• Khadgar and magi joined fray, Kargath abandoned position and fled into wastes
• Sensed Ner’zhul moving southwest but skull of Gul’dan moving north
• Could not just focus on Ner’zhul, needed skull to close Portal on Draenor
• Turalyon split forces, half to track down skull, half to track down Ner’zhul
• Khadgar, Turalyon, Alleria to skull, Danath and Kurdran to Ner’zhul
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Part 13: Battle of Auchindoun

• Ner’zhul disappointed Citadel fell quickly, thought orcs had advantage on own turf
• Kurdran and gryphon riders scouted ahead, found orcs on edge of Bone Wastes
• Dwarves rained hell, orcs needed to find new route or risk dying soon
• Took underground tunnels of Auchindoun, Gorefiend had spoken of secret passages
• Kurdran knocked from mount and captured by orcs, interrogated by Kilrogg
• Danath’s forces arrived by land, rescuing Kurdran from tombs would be risky
• Outcast arakkoa Grizzik hated Horde, sought vegeance for fall of Skyreach
• Had followed Sons of Lothar, offered to lead Alliance through Auchindoun tombs
• Danath stormed through tomb city, avoided ambushes, liberated Kurdran
• Ner’zhul no longer there, only Kilrogg and Bleeding Hollow to occupy Alliance
• Kilrogg realized Auchindoun was place he had seen in the vision of his death
• Danath confronted Kilrogg, brutal duel, plunged blade in Kilrogg’s throat
• Kilrogg had bought time for Ner’zhul, Bleeding Hollow clan scattered

Part 14: Gruul the Dragonkiller

• Gorgrond terrain inhospitable, perfect for Deathwing to hide from non-fliers
• Gronn survived decaying Draenor, largest of which was known as Gruul
• Lorded over number of lesser gronn and ogres in mountains
• Normally territorial but forced into small region, gronn joined forces to survive
• Attacked dragons, suprising them, Deathwing saw them as little more than pests
• While Deathwing distracted, Sons of Lothar arrived searching for skull of Gul’dan
• Battles between dragons and gronn very bloody, dragons impaled on spikes by Gruul
• Khadgar and Turalyon struck bargain with Gruul, safe passage to defeat Deathwing
• Gronn and Alliance planned assault on largest cache of dragon eggs
• Destroyed many eggs hoping to lure Deathwing, he unleashed molten fury from sky
• Gruul seized moment, scaled mountains to fight Deathwing with bare hands
• Khadgar used arcane power to rip metal plates from Deathwing’s spine
• Deathwing’s body came apart, spilling lava, ended up dropping skull of Gul’dan
• Almost dead, Deathwing abandoned plans and flew back to Azeroth through Portal
• Swore vengeance on those responsible, especially Khadgar
• Khadgar retrieved skull, made hasty retreat in case Gruul turned on them
• Most black dragons dead or dying, Gruul became legend known as Dragonkiller

Part 15: The Black Temple

• Turalyon turned forces south, Khadgar and magi open portals to Shadowmoon
• Two halves of Alliance expedition reunited outside gates of Black Temple
• Orcs had time to prepare, remnants of army dug in around Temple for defense
• Khadgar sensed energy, Ner’zhul in middle of preparing spell atop Temple
• No time for drawn-out siege, no time to find way around Temple guardians
• Sons of Lothar lashed out at defenders, Khadgar and magi hunted Ner’zhul
• Ner’zhul had gathered death knights and Shadowmoon orcs to help him
• Harnessed Eye, Book, and Scepter, tapped into nexus ley lines
• Unprepared for skill needed, energies spiraled out of his control
• Blasted multiple holes through reality, many more than what he had expected
• Destabilized ley lines, tore rifts across Draenor, fissures erupted on land and sea
• Khadgar managed to recover Eye and Book but not Scepter
• Ner’zhul took Scepter, a few followers, escaped through nearby portal

Part 16: The Breaking of Draenor

• Unstable rifts would soon shatter the world and kill everyone on it
• Destructive energies would also blast through Dark Portal to Azeroth
• Consulting with Turalyon, Khadgar decided to destroy Portal to protect Azeroth
• Must be done from Draenor, no time to regroup on Azeroth and do it
• It was a suicide mission, but no one hesitated
• Energies lashing out prevented Khadgar from creating portal to Hellfire Peninsula
• Khadgar, Turalyon, Alleria, Kurdran, Danath forced to go to Portal by gryphon
• Most Alliance left at Citadel already back through Portal, Horde remnants fleeing too
• Orcs clashed with Alliance when seeing someone was trying to seal Portal
• Khadgar used skull to unleash energy, Turalyon fended off terrified orcs
• Massive explosion destroyed Dark Portal frame, severed connection to Azeroth
• World still ripping itself apart, Khadgar and co. fled through random portals
• Draenor, realm touched by Aggramar and shaped by primals/breakers, was no more

Part 17: Remnants of the Horde

• Orcs who passed through Portal told of Ner’zhul, Draenor, no possiblity for survivors
• Grommash devastated, only family (son Garrosh) left in Mag’har camp on Draenor
• Grommash led Warsong clan north to shelter in Swamp of Sorrows
• Believed there would never be peace with humans, wanted to prepare for battle
• “True Horde” saw confirmation of cause, Dal’rend and Maim strengthened forces
• Dragonmaw believed Zuluhed dead as he had returned to Draenor
• Nekros took control of clan, continued dominating Alexstrasza and red dragons
• Rexxar, disgusted by everything, retreated into Azeroth’s wilderness
• Drek’Thar and Frostwolf clan carved out new home in Alterac Mountains
• Isolated from other orcs to escape their wrath, Drek’Thar using elements again
• Cho’gall and Twilight’s Hammer sailing to Kalimdor, driven by Old Gods
• Searching for their masters to bring Hour of Twilight, secretly followed by Garona

Part 18: Valley of Heroes

• Many orcs surrendered immediately to Alliance in Blasted Lands
• Sent to internment camps in Lordaeron, debate about camps still going on
• Alliance leaders conncered about those lost on Draenor, hoped they would return
• Hope faded over time, statues of expedition leaders built outside Stormwind
• Eastern Kingdoms settled into new lives, balance of power had been altered
• No more Council of Tirisfal, no more single Guardian of great power
• Azeroth had new protectors, notably Alliance, did not want to disband
• Paladins of Silver Hand dedicated to protecting realm, continued training warriors
• Kirin Tor studied orcs and fel magic to learn in case of another war
• Just as on Draenor, conflict had changed Azeroth and its peoples forever
• Yet more turmoil to come, Azeroth would need Alliance and other protectors
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Teile mal meine Freude mit Euch! Hab mir heute das neue Warcraft Kompendium geleistet und die Bestellung aufgegeben. In freudiger Erwartung der Lieferung!


Magie folgt rationalen Schlussfolgerungen, sie ist stets neutral. Es liegt im Wille des Anwenders, auf welchem Pfade er sich damit begeben mag. --- Zitat aus dem Egromond Manifest ---
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